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REBOOT! Body makeover challenge week 7

Caroline_HeadshotOur Reboot body blogger Caroline Williams has reached week 7, and despite falling off the wagon a little this week, she’s decided to get back to the strict no sweet rules and is determined to succeed

‘My husband Stephen is back from five weeks travelling with work and our daughters felt that had to be celebrated with a chocolate cake. He did have is birthday while away so I guess it was fair enough. My will power to stay away from sweets for the last month has been strong, but with this delicious chocolate cake in the fridge for a week I have to admit I fell off the wagon a little. Making the cake without licking the spoons wasn’t an option… I didn’t have my own piece when they were all eating the cake but the problem was that even though I gave away a big chunk of it to the neighbours there was still a lot of cake left during the week. I never sat down to have a full piece but I ended up nibbling on my daughter’s piece or slice a tiny bit for me each time I served it to the rest of the family. It is the old trick of ‘if it isn’t on my plate there are no calories’. I know I am just cheating myself but somehow it doesn’t feel so bad to just have a little bit on a teaspoon standing up…

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‘I also succumbed to a couple (ok 4 or 5!) handfuls of popcorn while at the cinema with the family on the weekend. I justified it in my head with that I have exercised A LOT this week. But on the scales at Alli’s this week I hadn’t lost any weight and felt awfully disappointed, so this week it is back to the strict no sweet rules! It will most definitely be another challenging week with temptations though as it is my daughter’s 7th birthday this week and she is having friends around for a party on the weekend.

Smoked salmon salad with avocado.
Smoked salmon salad with avocado.

‘I have upped my exercise programme even further this week and managed to fit in some sort of afternoon workout on most days, either a weight programme, stair case running at home, a power walk or swimming. It has felt good to do the exercise but I have been wiped out in the evenings, sometimes falling a sleep on the sofa at 9pm. Not so much fun for my husband to come home to after five weeks away… But I just can’t keep my eyes open in the evenings. On the plus side I seem to be getting really deep, good sleeps and wake up well before the alarm goes off feeling refreshed.

Soya, homemade granola and raspberries.
Soya, homemade granola and raspberries.

‘Although I hadn’t lost any weight this week my bust and thighs had shrunk a little bit and according to Alli’s super fancy scales my muscle mass had increased by 1 per cent.


Breakfast: Soya, home made granola and raspberries

Lunch: Salad with smoked salmon and avocado

Snack: handful of almonds and blueberries

Dinner: Lemon chicken served with asparagus and salad

Caroline admits the temptation of her husband's chocolate cake was a little too much to handle this week.
Caroline admits the temptation of her husband Stephen’s chocolate cake was a little too much to handle this week.


Monday: Session with John, 60 min + swimming 40 min

Tuesday: Run, 40 min + hand weight work out at home , 20 min

Wednesday: Session with John, 60 min + stair case work out at home, 20 min

Thursday: Pilates, 60min + power walk, 60 min

Friday: Run, 60 min + hand weight work out at home, 20 min

Saturday: stair case work out at home, 20 min

Sunday: Running in the park with kids in buggy/on bike, 30 min (but with some stops and starts for playing…)




Diet A total nutritional overhaul (no less) at the hands of Alli Godbold, nutritional therapist who has worked alongside chefs Charles Amos and Alan Wichart at Divertimenti Cookery Schools in Knightsbridge and Marylebone and author of Feed Your Health (HotHive Books, £13.99)



Fitness John Orum is a sports scientist with 20 years experience training ordinary people and celebrities and was head trainer at In:Spa retreats for four years. John’s focus is on the whole person and he incorporates fitness, psychological motivation and other body work technique to bring out their best and make the changes last. Contact John at

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