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REBOOT makeover – a week to go

CaroHeadshotBody blogger Caroline Williams is entering the final week of her REBOOT body makeover challenge, and after a cold struck her down last week is now back on the exercise wagon. She’s undergone an amazing transformation over the course of the REBOOT challenge, and lost another 0.5kg this week.  Stay tuned – one week to go!


‘Most of last week was still spent with the remains of my cold. I was getting very frustrated to not be able to train, but realised that there was probably no point in getting back to exercising too early before I felt better. It was interesting that my cold came the same day my trainer, John, left for a week away (training clients in sunny Morocco). I saw John in the morning for a session and literally by that afternoon I started feeling unwell. You often hear about people getting ill when they go on holiday and start relaxing so this was probably my body telling me it needed some recovery time and took the opportunity to do so. I have really missed the exercise and feel so much better when I keep going with it so I am glad to be back in the trainers again.

week 1 - 12table week 12

‘I have been back on the straight and narrow this week with a healthy diet. It has been a lot easier to stay healthy when I got over the cold so making good choices when out with my girl friends wasn’t  hard this week. I got inspired by Alli’s recipes and tried making sushi for the first time. The children loved being involved in the preparations and we all loved the sushi. It might have been a little bit carb heavy for Alli’s liking, but it was very yummy!

‘I got my tests back this week, from having tested for Thyroid and Adrenal Stress. The Thyroid test came back normal. The Adrenal Stress test had some readings out of the ‘normal’ bracket, but was overall good. Alli has recommended some supplements that might help me just tweak the hormone levels and stop cravings.

The whole family enjoyed getting involved in making delicious sushi.
The whole family enjoyed getting involved in making delicious sushi.

‘Nutri Adrenal – will help to restore optimal adrenal function
Biotics Glucobalance – a multi which helps with sugar balance
Biotics Buffered Vitamin C – this form of vit C helps to reduce cravings as well as supports the adrenals

‘I am happy with my 0.5 kg weight loss this week, especially since I haven’t really exercised  very much. One week to go of the 12 week Reboot and I am feeling sad but motivated to carry on – dare I say it but this exercise thing has become a way of life…

Tuna steak with pesto courgette
Tuna steak with pesto courgette


Breakfast: Yoghurt, oats and seeds with strawberries

Lunch: Roast pepper and lentil soup

Snacks: Almonds

Dinner: Tuna steak with pesto courgette

Tasty restaurant swordfish.
Tasty restaurant swordfish.





Thursday: Pilates 60 min

Friday: Run, 45min

Saturday: Workout at home, 45 min

Sunday: Online workouts, 10 min stretch and 10 min weights

Fresh yoghurt with oats, seeds and strawberries.
Fresh yoghurt with oats, seeds and strawberries.

John says:

‘I have noticed that clients often have suppressed immune systems during time / outcome focused programs. The body effectively overides its natural physiological need to properly recover being determined to achieve result.  But when given the opportunity to rest the most certainly will.

‘In Caroline’s case this opportunity manifested within 24 hours of me leaving for Morocco to work with another client there for a week. She got sick with flu as her natural physiological reaction kicked in having been given the implicit permission to do so by my physical absence. Similarly this often happens to overworked/stressed individuals when taking a holiday, with many succumbing to a cold or another illness within 48 hours.

‘In Caroline’s case, the physical loading to achieve the desired goal has not been excessive given the time parameters, however going forward her maintenance programme would perhaps include greater rest/recovery periods and days where she does absolutely no exercise at all.

‘For an intense exercise progamme of this duration napping (20-40 minutes) in the day can be useful-I’m a firm believer and build it into my daily schedule.

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Diet A total nutritional overhaul (no less) at the hands of Alli Godbold, nutritional therapist who runs a clinic in Chiswick West London for one to one consultations as well as the NOURISH healthy eating courses.  Alli also holds frequent cookery workshops and is the author of Feed Your Health (Amazon £13.99 )


Fitness John Orum is a sports scientist with 20 years experience training ordinary people and celebrities and was head trainer at In:Spa retreats for four years. John’s focus is on the whole person and he incorporates fitness, psychological motivation and other body work technique to bring out their best and make the changes last. Contact John at

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