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Fit And Famous

Playlists of the fit and famous – Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw, the 32-year-old Dancing on Ice star talks skating, six-packs and circuits with her son, Corey Mackenzie, nine

‘At the moment, my exercise routine is ice-skating for two hours a day. There isn’t much time to do anything else because I don’t know what time I’m on the ice. On the way to the rink you’ll find me asleep in the back of the car. But once I’m warming up on the ice, I love listening to The Script, Hall of Fame. When I’m having a tough time, Matt (Suzanne’s DOI partner) and I will get on Vine and do some mini sketches to cheer each other up!’

Suzanne Shaw appears on this year's Dancing on Ice. © ITV / Photographer: Nicky Johnston
Suzanne Shaw appears on this year’s Dancing on Ice. © ITV / Photographer: Nicky Johnston

‘I love running in the woods near my house. It’s gorgeous. I’ll drop my son, Corey, 9, off at school, and then park up. It’s about a three-mile route; then I come home and that’s me done. It’s hilly to start with but by half-way through it’s flat. I’ll run about three times a week, listening to guilty pleasures like Britney Spears, Toxic to make me think: Just. Keep. Running. I love Katy Perry, Firework, too. That’s a really good one for motivating yourself.’

‘Since I’ve had Corey, my body’s changed and so has my exercise routine. I’ve introduced Pilates which has been great for toning: everything’s a lot tighter, firmer and less wobbly. My clothes fit me better. I have a Pilates DVD that I do at home called Ten Minute Solution. It’s 50-minutes long, split into 10-minute sections so you don’t feel guilty if you just do one. I’m also using my Ab Rocker every day at the moment. I’m doing loads of sit-ups because I want a four pack after DOI – hopefully a six! It’s a killer, really intense, but I’m hoping it’ll pay off. I’ll listen to proper ‘pump it’ club anthems or something like Bastille, Pompeii when I’m doing this’

‘My favourite type of exercise has got to be boxing. At the gym (I’m not a member at the moment but am looking to join David Lloyd) I’d listen to the Rocky theme tune and get punching. It’s great for the core, pure fitness and cardio.’

‘Corey and I love doing circuit workouts together. We’ll do press-ups, sit-ups, squats and then running from one side of the room to the other. There’s a hill in the garden and in the summer we’ll do circuit work outs on the slope. We open the kitchen doors and play songs like Olly Murs, Dance with Me Tonight (Corey’s fave) or Lady Gaga, Born This Way.’

Suzanne’s Playlist:

  1. The Script, Hall of Fame
  2. Britney Spears, Toxic
  3. Katy Perry, Firework
  4. Bastille, Pompeii
  5. Rocky theme tune
  6. Olly Murs, Dance with Me Tonight
  7. Lady Gaga, Born This Way

Catch Suzanne in Dancing on Ice, ITV, Sundays 6.15pm. Suzanne supports The Brain Tumour Charity 

Interview by Eva Caiden

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