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Fit And Famous

Playlists of the Fit & Famous: TV presenter and Splash! graduate Anna Williamson on tunes behind her hot bod

Daybreak and Lorraine regular, TV presenter Anna has appeared on Splash and is an ambassador for The Princes Trust. TV’s smiliest presenter talks us through the tunes behind her training 

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‘I work out four days a week in the gym, sometimes with a personal trainer. It sounds glamorous but for me it’s important. It’s taught me how far you can push your body. I do a lot of resistance training, cardio, boxing and free weights. High intentsity, shorter workouts work well for me.

National Television Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Ecuador by Sash! is the song I like to kick my workout out off with. It gets me completely in the mood to workout. My favourite time is mid-morning, if my freelance career allows. I’ll do some interval training on the treadmill – one minute walking, 30 seconds sprinting repeated ten times.

Next, I’ll do some lunges with a medicine ball and what I like to call the Jane Fonda: glute raises where you lie on your back and thrust your hips in the air. They’re a classic!  I’ll listen to something like Only Girl In The World by Rihanna. It was what they played on Splash as I was about to dive. It’ makes me feel empowered.

After that I’ll do some pull ups and some bicep curls with free weights. I’ll do three sets of three reps. Normally to something old-skool like Let Me Your Fantasy by Baby D, I’m embarrassed to say! I’m a massive fan of weights though. Women with weights get lean.

Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards 2014 - Arrivals

Then it’s time for abs. Russian Twists – where you lean back 45 degrees with your toes off the floor and twist your waist – are a killer. You get good results if you hold a kettle bell while you’re doing it. I’ll follow it up with a one minute plank. Get Lucky by Daft Punk distracts me from the pain and makes me think of the sun. And why I’m working out: to look good on holiday!

I finish with a jolly good stretch. It’s a nice way of letting your body have a moment to itself. It’s as important as the workout. Something chilled, like Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen (Dirty Dancing) helps bring my heart rate down.’

Anna’s Playlist:

  1. Ecuador by Sash!
  2. Only Girl In The World by Rihanna
  3. Let Me Your Fantasy by Baby D
  4. Get Lucky by Daft Punk
  5. Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen (Dirty Dancing)

Anna is an ambassador for LSF Personal Training which offers up a fully comprehensive and supported career in personal training, see for more information. Find out more about Anna here. Follow Anna @annawilliamsTV

Words by Eva Caiden. Follow Eva on Twitter: @EvaCaiden

Eva Caiden


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