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Our 8 favourite jams to workout to (or if you’re just bored and need a lift)

This month we’re in need of a little motivation, as usual – especially when it comes to our workouts. To inspire ourselves – and you – into jogging, running, cycling or hitting the gym hard, we’ve come up with our eight favourite jams to workout to. Then again, you could stay right where you are and have a listen, each one has the instant feel good factor

1. Don’t Stop Me Now, Queen. Besides the blatent suitability for a workout of the title, the upbeat melody makes this song perfect for a turn on treadmill or a fast paced cardio session. The build up in the music throughout the piece is great for motivation, and will leave you wanting more rather than falling by the wayside.


2. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Wham! The catchy rhythm means it is an impossible song to sit out at the disco, making it one of our favourites for a workout. The fast paced nature of the melody is perfect for a more dance-style session, and with your kicks and flicks hitting the right notes in time to the music it gives any workout a smoother and more natural flow.


3. How To Save A Life, The Fray. The consistent underlying drum beat echoes the jogger’s foot fall making this the perfect tune to run through the park to. While upbeat the rhythm is not so crazy that it is impossible to keep up, and sets a good pace which is constant so carries you through your session almost absentmindedly.


4. Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor. Once again the constant base line of this song makes it a must have on any dedicated jogger’s playlist. The consistency of the melody not only makes it great for this though, but any kind of cardio or heart related workout where persistence and perseverance is required as it catches you up and carries you along with it, making you far less likely to throw in the towel.


5. Jerk It Out, Ceasars. The quirky beat and quick blips of Ceasars ‘Jerk It Out’ make it a great partner to any hard and fast workout. This tune is beneficial in classes like boxercise or spinning where a high amount of energy is required in fairly concentrated area of the body.


6. Call On Me, Eric Prydz. Love it or hate it, the repetitive rhythm of ‘Call On Me’ makes it perfect for a dance or aerobic style workout (as famously proved by the scantily clad cast of the video). The build up in the music makes it great for motivation and for varying styles of movement, as actions can be swapped and repeated every thirty seconds or so to allow an all encompassing workout that focuses on a wide range of areas rather than just one or two. With the growing popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT), this is definitely one we recommended to keep you motivated during your workout.


7. You Give Me Something, James Morrison. The earthy and natural tones of Morrison’s ‘You Give Me Something’ promote a calm and meditative environment in which to warm up and cool down, stretch or do simple floor exercises such as sit ups and leg lifts. The easy listening nature of the tune means it forms an unobtrusive backdrop which will aid your workout rather than overpower it.


8. America, Razorlight. Perfect for cooling down at the end of your workout. While the melody is simple and soothing it is not so slow it makes you feel sleepy, the opening has an almost ‘closing down’ feel which is perfect for stretching and returning heart rate back to normal. A great way to summarise a gym sesh.

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