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New fitness trend: SLIDING

The idea of sliding as a fitness regime reminds me of 11 year old boys at wedding receptions sliding along the parquet. But now, it seems it’s the latest high-intensity, low impact fitness trend to hit London

When on my walk to work this morning through Stratford Park in East London on the way to Healthista Towers I saw a sign about ‘Resistance Sliding’ I thought ‘How hard can it be?’ There was a long eight-metre strip of rubber with a few mats on it laid on the tennis court – with admittedly, a rather formidable looking guy standing cross-armed next to it who turned out to be creator, Weininger Irwin.

‘I got the idea for Resistance Sliding from my son about ten years ago,’ says Weininger, who was also the UK’s first Gladiator Champion.  ‘He was only two and I watched him sliding himself along the carpet and thought how hard that would be for adults to do and how many muscles it used.’

Weininger Irwin, creator of Resistance Sliding
Weininger Irwin, creator of Resistance Sliding

Ten years and plenty of sliding practice and refinement later, he’s created Resistance Sliding, a fitness system he’s currently offering in East London parks.

I tried it out this morning and while I puffed and effed and blinded my poor old muscles were crying .

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Sliding is low impact and requires no jumping, only the use of your core, hamstrings, bum and quads to move you forward and back through moves such as seated slides, partner-pulling and sliding squats (deadly). My heart was jumping out of my chest after only a few eight metre rounds for the latter so I can’t imagine what a workout an entire class would give you. Wieninger tried three killer moves on me until I begged him to stop but he says he has at least another 33 sliding exercises on offer in his new Resistance Sliding system. I have a feeling this could take off. You saw it here first!

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