women on a sail boat, join an all female sailing science sail around the british isles by healthista

Looking for adventure? Join an all-female sail around the British Isles with the aim of helping reduce water pollution

Are you looking for an adventure this summer? Join an all-female science sail journey around the British Isles. A fit, fun holiday with a feel-good factor to boot

Is there a wistful adventurer inside of you that is just bursting to pour out? Well, your moment might just be here. From the 7th August to the 5th September 2017 an all-female sailing expedition is taking place around the British Isles. And the best bit? It’s all in the name of science.

This sporty holiday is a month with a mission – to examine and research issues surrounding chemicals, plastics, carcinogens and disruptions to the global environment. So you not only get to have an amazing sailing holiday but you can do it with a real sense of purpose.

You can contact Another World Adventures to join this sailing trip operated by Extraordinary sailing expeditions. Another World Adventures is a referral agency that was born when Tori Howse and Larissa Clark met on board a 100 year old Tall Ship during a Transatlantic voyage sailing from Europe to Brazil in 2011. They described it as the trip of a lifetime and yet half of the bunks on board were empty. And so they wanted to create a space online for adventure seekers to easily find extraordinary travel experiences.

Sail women, looking for adventure join an all female science sail around the british isles by healthista

Toxic pollution from city waterways ends up inside our bodies – the team will be involved in conducting research on exactly how toxic British water is.

The aim of the all-female science expedition is to sail to some of the most beautiful parts of the planet whilst conducting vital plastic and toxic sampling of the water. And this doesn’t just mean toxic sea water. You’d also sample water from city waterways and find out about the toxicity that ends up inside our bodies. And while this doesn’t sound like the most glamorous of trips there’s a lot to see for anyone with a bit of wanderlust.

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Starting in Plymouth the trip will sail to all four capital cities of the UK – Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff and London as well as the Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Arran in the Clyde and Stornaway. And if you don’t quite fancy a trek that long? Don’t fret, the voyage as three legs so you can join in at different stages.

women sailing trip, join an all female science sail around the british isles by healthista

Be a part of a female-headed expedition, learn sailing skills and take samples from local waterways

You’ll not only learn a lot about sailing but also about sample taking. Plus there is time spent on dry land working with locals in activities such as science workshops and beach clean ups.

map of uk, join an all female science sail around the uk by healthista.com

Start in Plymouth and make your way around the British Isles

According to Another World Adventures – the people running that run it – water pollution is one of the biggest factors affecting the future of our planet. And National Geographic explain that water pollutants can lead to polluted drinking water sources, the decline of aquatic species and coastal dead zones caused by fertilizer and sewage overload.

So if being at the forefront of scientific research piques your interest why not take out a month this year to sail around some of the most beautiful parts of the country? Get fit, have fun and roll up your sleeves to take part in something meaningful.

To take part in this trip head to Another World Adventures to apply for your place. There are only 30 spaces available so the sooner you get in touch, the better. At a pricey £2650 it isn’t cheap, but this is a non profit expedition and costs cover the running of the trip.

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