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What works in the gym

How to do a lateral lunge – 25 gym moves in 25 days – Day 13


Our series designed to bring you the moves that work in the gym continues with celebrity trainer and co-founder of No1 Fitness, Ben Camara

Day 13 – Lateral lunge

Muscles Worked

  • Glute
  • Quadricep
  • Hamstring

Trainers tips

  1. Step to the left, with left foot slightly externally rotated with knee following over toes
  2. Bend leg and shift hips across until bum is over heels
  3. Perform same over right leg.

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Ben Camara has worked with some of the most famous faces in the world with training and health coaching clients including Madonna, Kate Moss and Vogue photographers Mert & Marcus. Having carved out a career in professional football, Ben Camara wanted his next career step to allow him to continue working in the field that he was passionate about, that of health, fitness and nutrition. He and Harry Thomas  co-founded No1 Fitness seven years ago, offering bespoke personal training in two locations in London.

Follow on Instagram or visit No1 Fitness website.


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