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Fit And Famous

Sky News presenter Kirsty Gallacher shares secrets of her awesome body and what being fit means for her

Healthista caught up with Sky News Presenter (and all-round Healthista inspiration) Kirsty Gallacher at Be:Fit London last week where she told us her top body secrets. Now, we share them with you

1. Circuit training Kirsty told us that although she road bikes, she finds things like the static bike boring. Instead, she works out a couple of times a week with a trainer doing circuit training with weights and reps, which gives her her cardio workout.

2. A healthy diet Kirsty said she generally eats very well, having things like porridge and fruit wherever she can. She makes smoothies with the kids in the morning to teach them about eating healthily, only eats very lightly in the evening and never snacks in between meals.

3. Being fit She told us she loves being fit because it makes her mind and body feel energized and in control. She said she likes being able to do things that being fit allows you to do, like running after the kids without getting out of puff, and enjoys that sore feeling after a workout because it makes her feel as though shes achieved something.

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