Jillian Michaels reveals how you can make the most of your workouts EVERY time 

Jillian Michaels reveals how you can make the most of your workouts EVERY time  MAIN

From monitoring your heart rate to home workouts, renowned personal trainer Jillian Michaels reveals how you can make the most of your workouts EVERY time 

If there’s one woman who knows a thing of two about a great workout – it’s Jillian Michaels.

The 48-year-old fitness legend is well known in the fitness industry after her ten year gig on NBC’s hit weight loss show The Biggest Loser.

Not only that, but Jillian has trained well known celebrities such as Pink, Julia Roberts, Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson to name just a few.

Jillian has also created many successful workout programmes, such as Bodyshred, Body Revolution, Jillian Michaels Killer Abs and most recently the The Fitness App by Jillian Michaels.

Jillian has trained well known celebrities such as Pink, Julia Roberts, Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson

Jillian has amassed an Instagram following of 1.4 million, where she shares her expertise, fitness tips, inspirational life quotes and workout videos.

With summer just around the corner, Healthista asked Jillian for advice on how to get the most out a  workout EVERY time.

Here are 8 ways we can do just that…

#1 Pick something you enjoy and be consistent

The most obvious thing is to pick a workout you enjoy. Dance, boxing, Pilates, spin, yoga… people love these modalities of fitness.

While some of these workouts are better for different fitness goals, the most important rule is consistency. So, if you love something you will be more inclined to do it regularly.

HIIT and strength training in circuits are great, runners get a runners high and yogi’s feel super zen after Chivasana. The key is to move while doing something you enjoy.

the most important rule is consistency

Pick at least two workouts you enjoy and make them part of your regular regime. You can also add a social component and workout with a friend for motivation.

Apps also provide a variety of workouts and often include forums and community pages to help people feel supported and inspired.

The Fitness App for example has an entire community of people on the forums who have actually established great friendships outside the app.


#2 Pay attention to your heart rate

If you’re doing intensity training, your heart rate should be between 80 to 85 percent of your MHR (maximum heart rate).

You can work out your MHR by subtracting your age from 220. So if you’re 30 years old, subtract 30 from 220, this will give you a MHR of 190.

In order to ensure you’re working out as hard as you possibly can you want your workout to be around 80 to 85 percent of your MHR. So, 80 per cent of 190 means your ideal heart rate should be around 152bmp.

You can work out your MHR by subtracting your age from 220

If you choose a more intense type of workout – lifting, HIIT, circuit training etc – the shorter the duration of the workout. At this intensity keep the workout to around 30 minutes. That doesn’t include your warm-up or cooldown.

The less intense – walking, hiking, etc – the longer the workout should be. A good general rule is no more than five hours of intense workouts a week.

With long duration low intensity workouts, you’d be hard pressed to overdo it but a good rule is no more than 12 hours a week.


#3 Mix up your workouts

This is actually really important.  Mixing up how you are training is great for the following reasons:

  • It prevents over use injuries from doing the same type of movement over and over.
  • It prevents plateau because you are changing the stimulus which doesn’t allow the body to fully adapt and stop progressing.
  • It helps to keep your fitness more well rounded as some workouts like yoga are great for mobility and other workouts like weight lifting are great for power.

Unless you are a sport specific athlete you will want to be the most well rounded and proficient in all fitness modalities (flexibility, strength, agility etc) and a varied regimen helps promote that.

#4 Honour your rest days

On those days where you truly feel like a workout is the last thing your body or mind can handle, focus on active recovery.

I have these days at least once a week and when I do, I just do some low intensity stuff and relax into it.

I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect – something is better than nothing.

If you miss a few days, it’s not a big deal

Stretching, breath work, foam rolling, meditation, hydration, sleep, maybe even some light cardio like walking is still better than nothing. If your body (or mind) needs rest, honour that and take a time out.

If you are moving less though, be sure to watch your calorie intake. If you miss a few days, it’s not a big deal, but when I take a few easy days I will try to avoid eating food such as pizza or any other high-calorie meal.


#5 Show up and put yourself out there

Pick something that makes you feel good about the fact that you showed up.

A workout that works doesn’t require perfection and is appropriate to your current fitness level so you don’t feel defeated.

Find a workout that inspires and motivates you, show up and put yourself out there. Remind yourself why you are there and don’t put too much pressure on it.

Celebrate the fact that you showed up and try to be present instead of beating yourself up

Celebrate the fact that you showed up and try to be present instead of beating yourself up for not being top on a leader board, lifting the heaviest weights or being able to hold a plank the longest.

The Fitness App has a plethora of beginner workouts which are crafted to help those less sure build confidence in their workout abilities.

#6 You don’t have to go to the gym to get the best workout

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a home workout.  In fact, arguably a home workout can entice you to workout even harder than at the gym.

You don’t need stop every five seconds to talk to someone, you won’t need to put your weights back, or wait for a machine to become available.

You don’t need stop every five seconds to talk to someone

If you’re self-conscious, you won’t have to worry about thinking anyone is watching you, and you can dance in-between sets without a care in the world.

What’s more, bodyweight exercises and using free weights can be just as effective as the machines you find in the gym.

In fact, many people fall into the trap of only using the machines at the gym because they are convenient.


#7 For more energy, focus on a clean diet

A clean whole food diet will absolutely give you more energy in the gym.

Nutrition is crucial – especially for weight loss. The good news is that this is really simple (I didn’t say easy), but it is simple. Stop eating when you feel full.

Don’t eat more than four meals a day spread over no longer than 12 hours (intermittent fasting) and of course, use common sense with your food choices.

Stop eating when you feel full

In saying that, I know plenty of people that eat crap and still train hard. Look at high school and college athletes or kids. They eat fast food, drink at parties often yet can still workout like animals.

This isn’t ideal by any means, but I don’t want someone to think they can’t train because they ate a crappy meal. That’s exactly when you should train.


#8 Supplements are there to help

I love to include a pre workout with caffeine and nitric oxide to help with energy and intensity during my workouts.

Matcha and beets are the best sources, but I’ve also been known to pound an organic espresso 45 minutes before hand too.

Try also Alaya Naturals multi collagen peptides with MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin which helps with recovery and joint care.

The bottom line?

  • Ultimately, pick something you love.
  • Include a social component.
  • Use common sense with your eating to improve the effectiveness of your fitness.
  • Do it four times a week.
  • Focus on recovery to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will not only crush it but you are way more inclined to stick with it and be consistent  – which is the most important rule.

Jillian Michaels how to make the most out of your workout EVERY time

Jillian Michaels is a world renowned Personal trainer, businesswoman, author, television personality , health and wellness expert and creator of The Fitness App by Jillian Michaels.

Download the Fitness App by Jillian Michaels on iPhone or android, and keep up with her at @jillianmichaels

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