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So, you consumed the better part of 5000 calories at a wedding this weekend.  This workout can help torch the majority

As it only takes around 3500 excess calories to make a pound of fat, this workout is ideally done the morning after your blowout before breakfast so you’re using last night’s calories for fuel. Then repeat it every other day for the week following your blowout to ensure those excess calories don’t turn to fat.

It’s based on plyometrics, de rigeur with top trainers. These are high impact moves such as jumping on and off a step.  They’re called ‘explosive’ because they’re done with as much speed and power as you can muster.

‘Plyometrics melt calories not only while you do them, but also after you’ve finished your workout for up to eight hours,’ says trainer Lucy Wyndham Read.  This is the Excess Post-exercise Oxygen  Consumption or EPOC effect; the cranking up of calorie burn not only during but after a tough resistance workout and plyometrics provide the most EPOC for your effort, she explains.

Lucy Wyndham-Read has brought you this fast, damage control workout so your waistline won’t even know how hard you hit the buffet

Jump Squat 31.  Warm up by marching on the spot for three minutes.

2. Stand in a wide squat position, arms by your sides, palms facing in.  The lower your starting position the higher the jump the more effective the plyometric move because you have to use more power.  Now jump up as high as you can and aim to land back in a squat facing the opposite direction.  Repeat 15-25 times.

bigstock-Jump-Squat--827053. Next, stand straight and walk hands down the legs and onto floor so you come to a plank position, do one push up and walk hands back in and once upright, jump up once.  Do ten of these.

4. Finally, lie face down on the floor face up, arms directly above your head.  Come to a standing position as you would normally bending the knees.  Once standing do one star jump and lie back down.  Repeat ten times.


Do this circuit three times, then cool down with three minutes walking on the spot.  The workout alone will burn around 250 calories but your body will have raised its Resting Metabolic Rate for the day so you burn more calories for the next 24 hours than you would have normally.

lucy WRLucy Wyndham-Read is a top UK trainer. Her free App, The 4 minute fat-burning workout is .69p from itunes and contains plyometrics or check



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