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WORKOUTS Get ready for the latest fitness trend – hot cycling

Bored of your Bikram class? A fitness center in Hollywood is turning up the heat to extreme levels and holding their indoor cycling sessions  in high temperatures.   Move over sweaty yoga, hot cycling is here

We’ve accepted hot Bikram yoga and now we’ve got hot cycling to add to our growing list of er, ‘hot’ workouts.

Indoor cycling in general can be an intense high-energy aerobic exercise that doesn’t cost much in joint wear and tear like other high intensity workouts.

Now a gym called The Sweat Shoppe located in North Hollywood has created the hot cycling workout during which temperatures are kept at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 degrees celsius. A heatwave for Londoners. The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines suggest workout environment temperatures should be around 72 Fahrenheit or 22 degrees.

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So why would you? Proponents claim it helps detox the body of toxins through excess sweat and can also crank up calorie burn.

But in this particular sweaty fairytale, some experts say it’s not healthy and that these workouts may lead to dangerous medical emergencies and complications such as dehydration.

Dr. Walter Thompson, who help draft guidelines for fitness centres for the American College of Sports Medicine told CBS New York, ‘Taking exercise programs and putting them into a gym in a hot environment to me is kind of a scary proposition.’

‘The question is whether or not the average gym goer, the average client in a gym should participate in these heated environments, and my answer still is no,’ Dr. Thompson said.

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