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Healthy truffles recipe: Coffee, cacao and coconut balls

Coffee and cacao truffles, healthy indulgence recipe, by healthsita (3)

Our Healthy Indulgence series kicks off with coffee and cacao truffles with a sprinkle of coconut, a recipe from Pollen + Grace


At Healthista, we are sweet-toothed sugar high fiends. Some are surprised to hear just how many goodies we nibble on throughout the day. But we have a consciousness to keep our cravings at bay, and what better way than with healthy, yet indulgent, treats?

Our definition of healthy indulgence is getting the fuzzy feeling from a dessert or snack, without worrying about high sugars or nasty ingredients. You could say it is guilt-free, although we can’t help going to the biscuit tin every now and again, too.

Want to eat healthier without restricting on the yummy things? Keep a look out every Friday for our Healthy Indulgent recipes.

Coffee and cacao truffles with coconut


Makes 10-12


– 2 cups dates

– 4 tbsp raw cacao

– zest of 1 lemon

– 1 double espresso

– About 20g desiccated coconut, for rolling (we used far too much in the video, about 50g!)


  1. Add all the ingredients to a food processor and mix until smooth
  2. Chill the mixture for a couple of hours to make it easier to roll
  3. Roll the mixture into balls (it will be very sticky) then roll in the coconut
  4. Chill the balls for a couple of hours (or 1hr in the freezer) to firm up before serving
  5. Enjoy!

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Vanessa Chalmers is a Food and Lifestyle Writer at Healthista, and enjoys finding new healthy living hacks, especially when it comes to her favourite thing – food. Both the Healthy Indulgent recipes series and her How To Cook Healthy For Beginners column run every Friday, for the busy everyday woman who is nothing more than an amateur chef, but loves to get experimental with cooking.

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