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30 day challenges

Hatha yoga video series – day 11

Welcome to day 11 of our 30 Day Yoga Challenge with instructors Ian Seagrave Chapman and Shanine Collinson from, designed to teach you 1-2 poses a day for a month and give you a basic grounding in yoga.  Ian’s pose of the day is the Extended Side Angle Pose.

If you’re just joining us, scroll down and click on Day 1 to start our challenge.

WIN A FREE YOOGAIA MEMBERSHIP! Simply retweet the day’s Yoga pose to enter the draw to win ONE month of FREE Yoogaia membership. 10 winners will be chosen each day.

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yoogaia copy is the world’s first ever online yoga studio where you can attend live classes or watch recordings 24/7. It was founded by Mikko Petaja in 2013, after realising that his daily journey to the yoga studio before work was adding to his stress levels rather than reducing them. How to solve this? He was unable to find any interactive sessions anywhere, only videos…and so the idea of Yoogaia was born. brings yoga, pilates, core, barre classes and even meditation sessions to your home, in real-time and offers live classes, personally guided through your own web cam, like Skype. You can also attend without web cam if you’re feeling shy. If you miss a live class, you can watch the recording anytime, anywhere. Participants are not visible to each other, only to the instructor. It really is that easy.  Follow them on twitter at @yoogaiacom.

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