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From the life-changing breathing guru to Oprah’s happiness guy – the 5 expert workshops not to miss at this year’s London Wellbeing Festival

It’s under three weeks until the London Wellbeing Festival featuring a huge line-up of experts – here are five that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, find out how you can get £2 off tickets

May 1-4 sees a four day extravaganza of wellness at London’s Olympia as the London Wellbeing Festival gets under way.  Along with over 150 exhibitors with products, people and treatments you can also attend talks with some of the world’s most renowned wellbeing experts.  Here are five we recommend:

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Tara Lee yoga teacher MBS story

The yoga teacher TARA LEE

With a teaching style that’s soothing and challenging at once, Tara is an inspiring yogi whose grounding practice will make you fall in love with yoga. She also has terrific knowledge and experience in pregnancy yoga and is one of the UK’s leading lights in this area.

When? Friday May 1st, 11am-12pm Cost? £19

What’s happening? Tara’s workshop will be based on her award-winning air/water DVD from her bestselling three DVD box set  Elements of Yoga: The Collection with Tara LeeDuring the session she’ll be helping participants connect to their own water and air elements. During the practice of yoga postures, the focus will be on creating space in the body, linking fluid movement with breath and opening the heart and chest centres.

The breath guru ALAN DOLAN

AlanDolan-breath guru MBS storyA former PR guy in the aerospace industry, breathing therapy changed Alan Dolan’s own life and now he brings his techniques to the rest of us in a unique system of breathwork. Trust us, this is not your average deep breathing class but instead a form of transformational breathing that can lead to serious changes in the way you feel and how you see yourself and the world (we’ve seen it happen and heard the evangelical way Alan’s devotees talk about his work). This session is not to be missed.

When? Saturday May 2nd, 1-3pm Cost? £25

What’s happening? The session is called ‘Breathe Yourself Alive’ intriguingly and during it, Alan will demonstrate and explain Transformational Breath, how it works and its benefits. It will be suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced in breathing work and will result in you being able to develop your own daily breathing practice.

The happiness guy ROBERT HOLDEN 

Robert_Holden_low res mbs festivalA favourite on Oprah, Holden is the founder of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence. His advice is practical and realistic, so we feel we can actually achieve it. A qualified psychologist and author of four books on happiness, he is also a strong and sought after leadership coach. Robert’s work focuses on helping people shift their thinking to help them find happiness in their lives.

When? Sunday, May 3rd, 4-6pm Cost? £22

What’s happening? This is a practical workshop on Robert’s new book Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your LifeHe’ll coach you on major themes including self-acceptance, following what makes you happy, healing your future and releasing inner blocks to abundance.

The thought fixer DAVID HAMILTON

Working in drug development exposed me to the placebo effect so I began to study mind-body interactions in my spare time. I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after 4 years because I wanted to write and speak about the mind, our abilities, and help people to believe in themselves more.

A former chemist, working in drug development exposed Hamilton to the placebo effect so he began to study mind-body interactions in his spare time. He decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after four years because he wanted to write and speak about the mind and help people to believe in themselves more.  Hamilton now specialises in how our thoughts affects our lives and our health. He’s written seven bestselling books on smart thinking. His work is practical and science-based, two reasons we love him.

When? Sunday May 3rd, 6.30 – 8pm Cost? £14

What’s happening?  Hamilton will be showing you exactly how your thinking profoundly affects your health, from the effects of belief to how meditation affects your genes and how imagination shapes your brain. He’ll be showing you simple but powerful strategies for harnessing the mind-body connection to benefit your own well-being and health.

The confidence coach ANNIE ASHDOWN

annie ashdown mbs festival

A leading hypnotherapist and corporate trainer, Annie specialises in helping women develop real confidence to change the direction of their lives and realise their dreams. Ashdown is the author of bestselling book The Confidence Factor: The seven secrets of successful people and a Healthista contributor.

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When? Monday May 4th, 4.30pm – 6pm Cost? £15

What’s happening? Annie’s talk ‘Your Fabulous Life Now’ is designed to inspire you to realise your greatness and allow yourself to thrive regardless of obstacles. Learn strategies, tools and secrets to promote resilience (that’s strength in the face of adversity), create your own empowerment and instantly boost your confidence.

Entry tickets for the London Wellbeing Festival cost between £9-13 and booking lines ate open 9am – 5pm. 

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