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5 BEST trainers for your fitness


Shoe time!  Whether running, yoga or cycling is your thing, our KIT DIVA Thelma Mensah, personal trainer and founder of the uber-cool blog has found the season’s best trainer for it. 







If you are serious about your training or sport you need to invest in a pair of trainers, or kicks as I like to call them that are designed for that specific type of activity.  With so much variety and range out there you can easily chose a pair that will meet your needs.  It’s been a tough job but I’ve managed to try and narrow down five shoes for your sport.


CrossFit has seen a massive rise in popularity over the last few years with many women shunning the treadmill and getting down and dirty by flipping tyres, lifting weight, pulling sleds and sprinting. Because it involves a range of activities and movement the shoe you use needs to be able to perform across all those methods.  The main characteristics you should be looking for in a CrossFit shoe are stability for weightlifting, flexibility for sprint and or plyometric type work.  They also need to be durable because you are going to be putting them through their paces during any one session.  I like the Reebok women’s CrossFit Nano 3.0 it ticks all the boxes above and it made by the creators of CrossFit so that has to be good right? Women’s CrossFit Nano 3.0 £95



Dance shoes needs to be lightweight and flexible whilst giving enough support for the ankle, foot and heel.  Another key feature is breathability, whether you are busting those salsa moves at Zumba or getting your ‘dougie’ on at your street dance class your feet and going to get very hot and sweaty.  A good dance shoe will keep your feet cool and control moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.  Flexibility in a dance shoe should be a given as an inflexible sole will prevent a lot of movement.  You also need to look at traction – you need to be able slide without slipping this particularly important for steps that involve lots of side to side action like Zumba. Lastly the shoe must have a secure and stable fit to prevent injuries.  I am loving Stella McCartney for Adidas Ararauna Dance Shoes not only because of their very fashionable, statement leopard print but because they offer ‘dance specific flexibility’ and a pivot zone in the sole for movement support.
Stella McCartney Ararauna Dance Shoes £95. They’re great for walking too.



Indoor cycle studios like BoomCycle and Cyclebeat are springing up left, right and centre across the country and regular spiners with inside knowledge make like Olympian Victoria Pendelton and wear the correct footwear.  You can still wear normal trainers to a spin class but if like me your feet are prone to pinching when the toe straps are tight then you might be better offer buying a pair of cycling or spin shoes.  ‘They are likely to offer way more comfort than regular trainers’ according to Mark, Cycling Instructor at BOOM studio in Shoreditch, ‘and the soles on cycle shoes are stiffer, minimising flex and increasing power delivery compared to running shoes.’

The Louis Garneau Multi Lite Touring shoes are perfect for spin class.  They are light, ventilated and the heel retention system helps to reduce slipping and hold the foot in place. The unique three Velcro closure straps provide a more secure fit too.
Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Garneau Touring Shoe £49.99



Barre, pilates and yoga normally involve doing the activity barefoot and for people that don’t want to stepping in the previous classes’ sweat or risk getting some other kind of gym-floor-associated bacteria on their feet then these Studio Wraps from Nike could be for you.  The studio wrap combines a barefoot feel with protection, support and, the most important part, style. They offer a freedom of movement and the sole gives the flexible barefoot experience.  The light weight stretch foam criss cross over the top of your foot and wraps around the arch under your feet for support where you need it. The silicon traction pattern on the bottom enhances your grip on indoor surfaces.
Nike Studio Wrap £40



Runners have different needs and different wants so if you are doing a lot of mileage and want to run worry-free it’s best to go to a reputable shop and get tested. Calum Crane, New Balance Tech Rep raises an important point when it comes to replacing running shoes. ‘A running trainer usually has a lifespan of around 400 miles, therefore it is important to make sure that you change your footwear accordingly in order to reduce the risk of injury.’

New Balance is continuing its ‘lighter and brighter’ revolution with the brand new 890v3, the latest update to its wildly popular lightweight training shoe which refuses to compromise on performance.

Built using New Balance’s bouncy, resilient, and durable REVlite foam, which is 30 per cent lighter than other comparable EVA materials, the shoe also features a super soft and supple upper, with the package combining to provide a very lightweight shoe.
Like its v2 predecessor, the new 890v3 features an 8mm heel to forefoot drop, encouraging runners to adopt a more natural running stance whilst still providing optimum cushioning.

Available in a choice of colours,t he upper of the 890v3 continues to be modern, bold, edgy, and eye catching, with interesting design details on the upper material, overlays, aglets, and throughout the shoe. The iconic no-sew welded forefoot continues to provide a secure, seamless fit.
New Balance W890V3 £79.99


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