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Interval training workouts

Fat burning leg workout to strengthen and tone the body


Seeking fat burning leg workouts? Fitness coach, Daisy Malin from London personal training gym, W10 shows us how to use the barbell complex to burn fat

What kind of exercise is best for burning fat? A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has said that interval training, switching between high and low intensity exercise, could be the answer, calling it the ‘magic bullet for fat loss’.

That’s why we’ve asked Fitness Coach Daisy Malin, from personal training gym, W10, to create three fat-burning leg workout routines, to help tone up your whole body over the next three weeks.


What is the barbell complex?

Think interval training but with a barbell. The barbell complex is a circuit of exercises using a barbell, these usually range from four to six moves and are performed back to back without letting go of the barbell.

The weight on the barbell does not change and the weight will need to be on the low side as there are several repetitions to complete before you are allowed to rest.

The rest duration will vary depending on the number of exercises you incorporate and the number of reps you decide to do per move.

However, because this type of resistance training will have you working your whole body, it is best  to take one to two minutes rest between rounds.

As for the number of rounds, that depends on how far you are willing to push yourself. If you are new to the gym, three to four rounds is suitable. For regular gym-goers, four or more rounds will be more beneficial.

The Romanian Dead Lift (RDL) used here is one of the most important strength exercises around and is a great addition to any strength training programme.

Barbell workout routine

  • Single leg RDL, left leg – 4 reps
  • Single leg RDL, right leg – 4 reps
  • Overhead press – 4 reps
  • Squat with overhead press – 4 reps
  • Lateral Lunge – 4 reps each side

Rest for 90 seconds and repeat 4-5 times.

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daisy-bio-pic, Personal Trainer Daisy Malin, has been  coaching at W10 for the past three years.

An ex-dancer and Pilates instructor who now specialises is Strength training.

Daisy has a BA Hons in Dance studies, a Level 3 Personal Training qualification and is certified in body control pilates.

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