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JUST DO IT: Exercise keeps you biologically young

A new study by Aston University in the UK has found that exercise can help keep us biologically young by boosting levels of a hormone that can reprogram the way our bodies use fat

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Exercise produces a hormone called, irisin, released from our muscles after exercise. Scientists at Aston University found a molecular link between irisin and the aging process. The hormone irisin, is naturally found in human bodies and can reprogram the body’s fat cells to burn energy instead of storing it, which in turn has anti-obesity effects.

Dr James Brown, research team leader, found that higher levels of irisin in the blood and a biological marker of aging called telomere length are related. Telomeres are small regions found at the end of chromosomes that shorten as cells within the body replicate. Short telomere length can be linked to age-related diseases including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

In a study with healthy adults, those with higher levels of irisin had longer telomeres. This study shows that the more active you are, the more biologically young you may be.

‘Recent research has suggested that exercise can protect people from both physical and mental decline with aging,’ Dr James Brown said.

By exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent potential diseases down the road. What better motivator?

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