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Could an anti-ageing supplement be the key to younger-looking skin?

Wish you could banish your wrinkles and fine lines? If you covet younger-looking skin, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients. Olivia Hartland-Robbins reports

Ageing is one thing we all have in common, and none of us are exactly fond of the effect it has on our skin.

From our genetic makeup to our environment, factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, stress, poor nutrition, alcohol intake, smoking and pollution can take its toll.

Plus, demands from modern-day life and working around the clock often leads to insufficient sleep, bad food choices and an increase in our reliance on caffeine and sugar as we try to fight fatigue and boost our energy levels.

it’s not about stopping the ageing process, it’s about slowing down the process and ageing well

This fast-paced lifestyle often leads to exhaustion and can diminish our reserve of essential nutrients, resulting in accelerated ageing, which isn’t ideal considering our bodies start to lose efficiency as early as our 20’s.

In an attempt to maintain our youth, we invest in creams, face oils, face masks, serums, moisturisers, facials, facial toners, botox and fillers – the list is endless.

Despite our best efforts, turning back the clock simply isn’t possible. See, it’s not about stopping the ageing process, it’s about slowing down the process and ageing well.

In order to do that, our skin needs a menu of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to function effectively and look as healthy as it possibly can.

What nutrients do we need for younger-looking skin?

Vitamins, peptides for collagen production, minerals such as zinc, cleansers, oils, hydrators, hyaluronic acids as well as antioxidants in their many forms are all needed in order to maintain healthy, younger looking skin.

We can come by most of these when eating a healthy, balanced diet – but there are few nutrients in particular that we need to be absolutely sure we are getting enough of, in order to maintain our youthful glow.


Collagen – a natural protein produced by our bodies – is a major structural component of the human body that we depend on to keep our skin looking plump, hair strong, bones and muscles healthy, joints lubricated as well as helping our digestive system to work smoothly.

unfortunately after the age of 25, our bodily production of collagen (and quality) begins to decline

Our body is able to produce sufficient amounts of collagen when we are young, but unfortunately after the age of 25, our bodily production of collagen (and quality) begins to decline at a rate of 1.5 per cent per year. That means, by the time you reach your mid-40s, collagen levels may have fallen by as much as 30 per cent.

Without ample amounts of collagen, our cells lose their structure, becoming weaker and thinner. This is the cause of our many skin woes – wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dry skin and cellulite.

Collagen is sourced from fish, chicken, pigs and cows. However, it doesn’t come from the actual meat but instead is found in the animals’ skin, joints, bones, cartilage and muscle tissue. Typically though, we do not eat these parts of the animals.

Despite this, we are still able to make up for the collagen we lose. This can be done by consuming  supplements that contain nutrients that stimulate collagen production such as vitamin C, turmeric and zinc.

skin wrinkles anti ageing supplement

Vitamin C

Healthy skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C, which is essential to stimulating collagen production and building antioxidant protection against UV-induced skin damage. Unfortunately though like collagen, the amount of vitamin C in our skin declines as we age.

According to a review by dermatologists at Oregon State University, ‘Oral supplementation with vitamin C may help prevent UV-induced skin damage, skin wrinkling and may also benefit dry skin and wound healing’.

Healthy skin contains high concentrations of vitamin C

In one study on 4000 women aged 40 to 74, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, higher intakes of vitamin C were associated with a lower chance of having a wrinkled appearance and dry skin.

Interestingly, the research also found that diets high in saturated fat and refined carbohydrates were associated with a higher probability of skin wrinkling and sagging.


Turmeric is an ancient root packed with curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to screen us from damaging free radicals we are exposed to in a heavily polluted modern world.

Curcumin is also reported to increase our body’s collagen synthesis, in addition to helping aid cell regeneration (which allows for faster wound healing in skin).

In fact, studies suggest that curcumin may possess particularly strong antioxidant activity and may directly reduce skin ageing, including preventing dry skin and protecting against wrinkles.

Turmeric anti ageing supplement for skin


Zinc is a micronutrient essential for the development and functioning of human skin. It improves wound healing, is anti-inflammatory, has anti-bacterial effects against acne and plays a critical role in collagen synthesis.

Those who are deficient in zinc may also show signs of scabby skin, sores and marks that take a long time to heal.

Studies have shown that patients with acne often are deficient in zinc and its oral supplementation has a positive effect on the treatment of acne.

Indeed, one study in The Journal of the Turkish Academy of Dermatology, found that a staggering 54 per cent of those with acne had low zinc levels.


CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q10, is a compound that helps generate energy in our cells.

Our bodies produce CoQ10 naturally and it is stored in the mitochondria of our cells – these are the powerhouses, or ‘engines’ in every cell in our body – but its production tends to decrease with age.

CoQ10 is also integral for defending cells against damage caused by free radicals found in the environment

CoQ10 has also gained popularity in the beauty industry as a popular addition to many anti ageing, skin care products due to it’s antioxidant properties.

This is because, CoQ10 is also integral for defending cells against damage caused by free radicals found in the environment that contribute to our bodies’ ageing says a study by National Centre of Biotechnology.

So, can we supplement ourselves young?

A pill that holds back the years may sound too good to be true, but we can maintain younger-looking skin through a supplement – if you invest in the right one.

Be sure to check the ingredients. Do they feature the anti ageing vitamins and minerals mentioned above such as zinc, turmeric and vitamin C to support collagen formation, as well as amino acid Co-Q10?

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, it’s also a good idea to make sure you are buying a supplement that is clinically proven to deliver results, such as Lumity’s Morning and Night Female Supplements, from £65.00 for a one month supply.

thumbnail_Layer 7

Lumity’s twice-daily supplement is proven to repair, restore and sustain youthfulness at a cellular level well beyond what is possible through diet and lifestyle alone.

Indeed, a placebo-controlled, double-blind, two-cell clinical trial was conducted on 50 female subjects, aged 35 to 65, for 12 weeks. Subjects took either Lumity’s Morning and Night Female Supplements or a placebo twice daily.

After 12 weeks, of the the women taking Lumity, 92 per cent registered significant improvements in skin condition over those taking the placebo, including improved skin hydration, radiance, firmness and overall appearance. They also registered quality of life improvements, including a reduction in tiredness.

Fascinated by the human body and the role nutrition plays in health, Lumity’s founder and creator, Sara Palmer Hussey PhD wanted to create a supplement that helps you age well.

The Cambridge-educated PhD and research scientist started to notice her first few wrinkles in her mid-thirties, as well as her energy levels waning and a weakened immune system. Because of this, she set out to find a solution that works, to help other people going through the same thing.

‘Packed with vitamins, minerals, omega 3s and amino acids, Lumity is a gentle, well-balanced and effective support to help the body sustain optimum health, energy and confidence through the years, so that you can feel like the best version of yourself every day,’ says Hussey.

Taken in the morning and evening, Lumity delivers high-quality nutrients that supplement your skin and body throughout the day and night from £65 for a one month supply.

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