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6 super-easy sugar-free dessert recipes

Going sugar-free but don't know where to start? Nutritionist Sarah Flower has advice on replacements and six recipes that will make it easy
Mood and Mind

5 stress symptoms and EXACTLY how to fix them fast

These five stress symptoms are signs you need to change something - here's how - from Charlotte Watts, Healthista blogger and author of The De-Stress Effect

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7 surprising ways to get rid of back pain

Suffering with stiffness, aching, or sharp pangs up your spine? Physiotherapist Laura Harman gives her top tips on how to get rid of back pain

The Gut Retreat, 5 best weight loss retreats, by healthista

5 best weight loss retreats that work

Looking for the best weight loss retreats? Our Spa Trekker columnist and the founder of Caroline Sylger Jones selects her top five for safe and long-lasting weight loss


London Wellbeing Festival: 8 things not to miss PLUS how to get £2 off tickets

The London Wellbeing Festival is less than a week away so here are our top 10 things to do while you're there. Plus, find out how to get £2 off your tickets

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Aura reading – yes it’s a thing – find out where to get reading of your aura at this year’s London Wellbeing Festival

Discover your spiritual side at London Wellbeing Festival this year. Find out the colour of your aura, browse handmade products, indulge in a vegan cafe, or expand your mind with expert treatments – scroll down to find out how you can get

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