Psychological Abuse Feature


9 steps to escaping psychological abuse

Psychological abuse doesn't leave bruises or cuts, but its wounds run much deeper. From signs of abuse to the steps on how to free yourself, Healthista finds out what can help

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‘What being abused as a child taught me about raising my son’

Pam Rowe shares her experiences of being abused as a child and how it taught her to be a better mother to her son - from her memoir Clear Water

How to cope with grief during the festive period FEATURED


How to cope with grief over Christmas

It can be hard to stay positive when grieving for a loved one. Bereavement counsellor Lianna Champ provides help on how to cope with grief over the festive period

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How to spot a sexual predator – the 8 characteristics

Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of sexual assaults, including rape. We ask therapist Leonie Adamson from the video counselling app Dr Julian how to spot the signs of a sexual predator 



How emotional regulation can make you happier everyday – the therapist’s guide

Everyone is talking about emotional regulation as the new therapy. Here's a guide to help you learn this life-changing idea

7 signs need to leave your relationship feature


Should I end my relationship? 7 signs it’s time to go

Is it really time to end it? Healthista therapist Sally Brown has advice