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Understanding Clairvoyance – Healthista meets psychic medium Yasmina

Understanding Clairvoyance - Healthista meets psychic medium Yasmina MAIN

Clairvoyance, psychics, mediums – could visions of the future yield answers? Healthista meets renowned Psychic Medium Yasmina Saleh Mathias to find out

If you are feeling curious and have tried various psychics and mediums, but no one has truly nailed it for you, then we strongly recommend the incredible work of Yasmina Saleh Mathias.

yasmina clairvoyance

Renowned international psychic consultant, with a career expanding across a lifetime, her word of mouth clientele successes rates keep spreading. Yasmina’s work is very confidential as her clients include celebrities and high profile business executives.

‘For 35 years I have devoted my time and committed to my work, I hope I have helped a lot of people in their lives, for me it is more than a job it, is a vocation,’ says Yasmina.

Yasmina came to us highly recommended via a very reputable source, so we couldn’t help but to meet her for ourselves and ask her a few questions on everything Clairvoyance and even have a session.


What is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is the capacity to forecast the future – it can’t be learnt, it is a gift that can be enhanced with practices like meditation.

‘Clairvoyance could be clairaudience which is hearing information from spirits which is what I do mostly,’ explains Yasmina.

‘But clairvoyance could also be seeing flashes and communicating with dead spirits. Some clairvoyants like myself need cards to structure the reading but some don’t’.

A medium is a direct contact with dead spirits from the family of the clients, and often they give very clear messages.

The different types of Clairvoyance

There are different types of clairvoyance, the more popular one is when the psychic can see images of the future.

‘Flashes Clairaudience, which I practice, is hearing messages from spirits, some sounds or sometimes music,’ reveals Yasmina.

Clairaudience psychometry is another form of clairvoyance, being able to feel vibrations through an object such as, keys, a purse or jewellery – it is a very rare form of clairvoyance as it tunes in with different a vibration.

hearing messages from spirits, some sounds or sometimes music

Clairsentience is the psychic ability to determine when something negative or positive can happen to a person and retrogniction is going through the past life of a client before they were even born, to explain certain present and future situations.

‘There is also the emotional freedom technique, which is a type of healing. For example, trying to get to an organ of the patient who is hurting and providing relief. Although more to do with healing, some clairvoyance is needed to try to see what is causing this pain’.

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clairvoyance tarot cards reading

What are clients looking for when they seek clairvoyance?

‘People usually come to me with questions,’ reveals Yasmina.

‘I give them answer, which is very helpful, this is known as preventive clairvoyance. I warn them about certain pbms they can avoid by behaving differently, and if they take it seriously they can avoid the problem.

‘Pbms stands for any potential problematic situation, such as a marital pbm, a break up, work pbms, money, health and so on. So I give my best advice and guidance on how they can try to avoid these.

Some clients can be nervous if it is their first time

‘So, it’s often an interaction between my warnings and my forecast and a way to sometimes avoid unpleasant events.

‘I personally work mainly with cards, spirits and the energy of my clients. Some clients can be nervous if it is their first time, and sometimes need to be reassured, but as a trained therapist, I am able to calm them down and luckily most of my clients leave happy, even if it is not all good news’.

‘There is no perfect client, but the ones who get the most out of seeing me are very open to information. The most difficult sessions are those who appear blocked or too apprehensive. When this happens, I sometimes don’t get the information they are looking for, but that is quite rare’.

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Healthista’s Clairvoyance experience

Yasmina was warm, kind, down to earth, yet knowingly ethereal – putting any nervousness or apprehension to rest.

‘The reading was truly the best reading we have ever experienced. It was long and thorough, and at no point did either of us get the impression that you were on the clock.

Yasmina’s approach is gentle but equally if she needs to warn you off something she does not hold back. Yasmina works with three medium practices to cover the full spectrum, in order to best guide you.

In your session she performs a psychic reading, which consists of the use of different tarot and numerology cards, she also does a bit of psychic counselling and mediumship.

Yasmina has the ability to look into your future and guide you in your choices and quests

Once your reading is finished, you are free to ask any further questions, which Yasmina has the ability to look into your future and guide you in your choices and quests, using her psychic intuition.

Her training in psychology allows Yasmina to connect emotionally with her clients, she feels more like a friend, rather than someone detached, who is just doing their work.

Our readings were not only accurate (Yasmina even used specific family names!), but super uplifting, setting the course towards successes and abundance in all aspects of life.

If you have never been to see a psychic medium, you will be in very good hands with Yasmina and no doubt that you will come back for more!

For Bookings visit –  Price per session £120

Follow Yasmina on Instagram – @salehyasmina

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