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19 breastfeeding tips these mothers wish someone told them

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week Healthista have asked. a bunch of mothers for the advice they wished someone had told them before they had their first baby

The truth about caesarean sections Healthista feature
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The truth about caesarean sections – a doctor’s guide

Confused by all of the conflicting information about c-sections? Gynaecologist Gabrielle Downey is here to bust the most common myths even the most experienced mums believe


7 ways to pregnancy-proof your body

Pregnancy is one of life's milestones that every woman should be able to embrace and learn to love. At first, the changes may seem scary, but Holly McKenzie, a women's health physiotherapist at Boost Physio has tips to help you feel confident and prepared for your journey towards motherhood


10 foods that increase fertility

As one expert calls for children to be educated about fertility, we bring you a fertility special kicking off with Isabelle Obert, a nutritional consultant and founder of a website specialising in nutrition solutions for fertility, on the ten foods proven to increase fertility


What REALLY happens to your body during pregnancy?

Pregnant? Congrats! But, now what happens? Healthista GP Dr.Deyo Famuboni talks us through what really happened to your body during pregnancy

The new pregnancy app all mums-to-be need

Nearly 40 per cent of UK pregnancies experience health complications each year - now, a new pregnancy app aims to help change that by providing crucial information along with test and symptom tracking for mums-to-be

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