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Just had a baby Leading doctor reveals 6 post-delivery care tips for your lady parts FEATURED

New mum? Leading doctor reveals 6 post-delivery care tips for your lady parts

From soreness to a distorted appearance of your lady parts. Here are 6 ways to help ease your discomfort so you can focus your energy on being a new mum

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7 reasons you think you can’t breastfeed and what to do instead

Exactly what to do if you’re struggling says world-leading researcher and infant feeding expert Professor Amy Brown 

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From colic to heat rash – 7 reasons your baby is crying and exactly what to do

Jan Tilley, a retired midwife with 40 years’ experience in the NHS has smart, useful advice for new parents. Plus, help if you’re travelling with a newborn

Postnatal exercise the right way - celebrity trainer Lulu Adams to Binky Felstead shares her golden rules, BY HEALTHISTA (2)

19 Postnatal exercise rules from Binky Felstead’s personal trainer

There is a right and wrong was to do postnatal exercise, says Lulu Adams, celebrity trainer to Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead. She shares 19 tips new mums need to know

post natal pilates workout healtista featured

15 minute post-natal Pilates Workout to tighten a post-baby tummy

For post-natal exercise, Pilates comes highly recommended by health visitors, GPs, physios and chiropractors. We asked Pilates teacher Sarah Vrancken who specialises in Pilates for pregnancy to deliver a 15 minute workout for you You’ve had your baby and life

how i overcame postnatal depression, alison canavan, by healthista (1)
Real Life

‘How I overcame my post natal depression’

Postnatal depression affects 1 in 10 women, and left single mother and former model Alison Canavan suicidal. Now a wellness coach and author of Minding Mum, she shares her story of recovery with her best tips for self-care as a new mum

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