Best natural fake tan ever – Green People Self Tan Lotion

Self-confessed fake tan lover Vanessa Chalmers never thought her favourite would end up being an organic product with natural ingredients. She explains why Green People Self Tan Lotion is the best natural fake tan ever

Best natural fake tan ever - Green People Self Tan Lotion, by healthistaI believe I have the right to call myself a fake tan connoisseur, making the stuff my best friend for the past seven years, since the age of 15. Gels, mousses, sprays in shades from mahogany, orange and murky green (but seriously, that one turned out so well – my second favourite has to be UTan), I’ve tried them all. But rarely have I touched a gradual tan (that was always for fair skinned beginners and way too subtle for me, I thought) and definitely nothing natural or organic.

But, rummaging through a shelf of empty bottles, Green People Self Tan Lotion appeared in my hand as a ‘this will have to do’ replacement. It was kindly sent over for a fake tan round-up I did and to be honest, the idea of it being a natural product had put me off.

I couldn’t believe how wrong I was. I haven’t stopped using this tan since that day – twice a week for two months now to be exact. Never have I found such a perfect formula which ticks almost every box.

Never have I found such a perfect formula which ticks almost every box

Why you need this gradual tan

At first glance, the ‘natural ingredients’, made me wince. However, with sensitive skin (and eczema), it is a sensible option. The essential oils make my skin feel supple and moisturised, which is the opposite to my regular fake tans which can amplify my skin blemishes by clinging onto the dry skin.

Without parabens, alcohol, artificial perfumes and a huge long list of other artificial ingredients, Green People refer to it as ‘the best fake tan lotion that nature can offer’ which sounds about right.

If you’re worried about a streaky finish, this fake tan won’t let you down

If you are appalling at exfoliating like me, this is the fake tan for you. No one wants to look like a scale-y creature with horrifically orange ankles and flaky patchy coloured skin. You will never notice this tan fading. Don’t get me wrong, you still need to pay your skin some attention (ahem, wash). But miraculously it doesn’t require elbow grease scrubbing in the bath tub.

Secondly, if you’re worried about a streaky finish, this fake tan won’t let you down. One of the most concerning things about gradual fake tan is that it doesn’t have a colour when you apply it, so how do you know if you are making a mistake? No fear- just apply Green People as though it is a moisturiser, covering all areas generously. The result will be a consistent colour throughout. One application doesn’t give a largely significant colour, so for the rare occasions a patch is obviously missed, it can be corrected in a second application.

People are asking me if I’m still tanned from my holiday three months ago

Once you’ve got the desired faky-ness you like (mine is pretty intense), the colour is more of an orange hue. This may not be everyone’s preference but for my skin tone it is a tip top match. This was surprising, as the DHA ingredient in Green People’s fake tan is derived from sugar, as opposed to chemicals (again, me being doubtful of the ‘natural’ ingredients). DHA is what gives you colour, as it interacts with the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin to produce pigment called melanoidins which are brown.

People are asking me if I’m still tanned from my holiday three months ago or if I’ve caught the English sun (are you kidding?) It is so discreetly fake that I have even been brave enough to apply it to my face, meaning no foundation, score! However I do warn that too much will lead to a golden halo hairline and eyebrows.

Best beauty products ever - Green People Self Tan Lotion, by healthista (1)

I have a natural glow that isn’t streaky or patchy

Overall, I have utterly been converted to gradual fake tan, and I never thought I would say that, especially as it’s natural. I still believe it’s a beginner’s option but incredibly it’s now, in my opinion, the ONLY choice for religious fake tanners too. If you’re fed up of embarrassing patchiness, dry skin and late nights dedicated to your tanning schedule, I dare you to try this beauty.

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