Best spot cream ever – Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment

We call our Digital Director Yanar Alkayat The Beauty Whisperer because she knows exactly the right product for any beauty problem. This week – after editor Anna Magee got the world’s biggest spot – it’s the best spot cream ever

Whatever your skin type and however well behaved your skin, spots are pesky things almost everyone has to contend with whether it’s due to a product reaction, a change in diet, hormonal changes, change of environment, travel, stress, lack of hydration, poor elimination, excessive inflammation, the list could go on.

It’s such an amazing skin saviour that it has a permanent place in my handbag – yep, I actually carry it with me everywhere I go.

So whether you have an acneic skin, small but regular pimples or the odd monster takeover every now and again, a reliable spot treatment should be in your beauty arsenal. I’ve tried many over the years but a secret weapon like no other is Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment. It’s such an amazing skin saviour that it has a permanent place in my handbag – yep, I actually carry it with me everywhere I go. Well, you never know when emergency might strike but you also never know when a friend might be in need too.

The magic ingredients in this mini-pump of salvation are three trademarked blends tasked with fighting bacteria, inflammation and sebum as well as salicylic acid to help gently exfoliate the surface. I feel like it creates a fine and smooth film over the spot making it much easier to conceal too.

It’s also worth mentioning this spot treatment reduces the size of your menace without drawing out the nasty stuff inside as some spot creams do. Instead, it seems to kill it in its tracks leaving you to get on with life! And at a very reasonable £14.50 it doesn’t break the bank either.

this spot treatment reduces the size of your menace without drawing out the nasty stuff inside as some spot creams do.

After an unfortunate summer of breakouts I discovered the best way to use Merumaya Spot Treatment (especially when there’s a biggie which has a life of its own) is to dab a bit onto the surface of the spot and press the product onto the area ever so lightly so you can feel the product seeping into the skin and even tingle a bit. The light tingle tells me something is definitely working deep down and within a day – yes, it’s that quick if you apply a few times a day – things are already in a better place with less inflammation and a lot less raw.

For those unfamiliar, Merumaya is a fabulous skincare brand created by Maleka Dattu who created the brand in 2012 after almost 30 years in corporate beauty (Clinique, Lancome and other brands). Her driving vision is to bring out the confidence, natural beauty and self worth in women. She is also a regular speaker at entrepreneurial, mentoring and educational events.

Other products I love in the Merumaya range include Melting Cleansing BalmBi-Phase Eye Make-Up Remover and Youth Preservation Moisturiser. But the Concentrated Spot Treatment has definitely earned itself as one of the best beauty products ever.

Merumaya Concentrated Spot Treatment, £14.99 at

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