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This week in our new Best Beauty Products Ever column, Healthista’s digital director, Yanar Alkayat, picks her favourite facial oil serum

Everyone at Healthista HQ is obsessed with finding the best secret beauty products out there and they’re constantly commenting on how I seem to have all that information at my fingertips (ten years writing about beauty will do that for you). I’m obsessed, especially with those beauty products that have an ethical and / or natural edge but really work hard for skin and in this column I will be sharing these and others with you, and hopefully, keeping my Healthista colleagues happy.

I rarely recommend super expensive beauty products but for my first feature on this column I’ve gone all out with Romilly Wilde Active Boost Face Serum Oil that’s so beautiful I don’t mind the price. But there’s good news, it used to carry an eye-wateringly high price tag of a staggering £230 but is now available for two digits, not three for £75.

Beauty product of the week. Romily Wilde. Healthista

The texture is sublime and one pump’s worth slips over skin and soaks in effortlessly. Within seconds I’m applying my makeup onto perfectly primed skin that even the best primers can’t compete with.

Proudly created without any artificial ingredients the glide is down to the choice and blend of botanicals rather than any fancy silicones. If you’re into botanical beauty then the ingredients might pique your interest as they did mine. There are a few usual suspects such as Manuka honey, St. John’s Wort, calendula and chamomile. But then some more interesting additions such as wild Abyssinian oil, the very first ingredient (which makes me go ‘wow!’), radish seed oil, water lily, and arnica flower. There are 14 active ingredients in total to supercharge and invigorate your skin. The scent isn’t left to chance but carefully constructed with sandalwood and rose oil.

My skin has been unbelievably well-behaved since I started using it about a month ago. Not a pimple or a squeak of disharmony (I would typically get enlarged and blocked pores and have seen a real change in this). Perfectly happy and balanced. I’m petrified of finishing it in case my skin screams out for more.

I love the brand’s style too – instead of cliche floral or leaf motifs the look is bold, vibrant and eye-catching. Just look at the Romilly Wilde Instagram page to see more of this stand-out style.

romilly wilde instagram page healthista review


I’m not saying go and drain your savings to purchase this gorgeous creation, as I’m fully aware of the elephant in the room saying not everyone has that kind of cash to splash, but if you’ve found this review because you’ve heard about Romilly Wilde and are actually considering buying the product then don’t even hesitate. Buy it and enjoy it, I guarantee you will love it.

Romilly Wilde Active Boost Face Serum Oil £75

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