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Anti Ageing Fitness Plan: Week 6

It’s already week six of Healthista’s 12 week anti-ageing body plan featuring advice and videos from nutritional physiologist Rick Hay. If you’re just joining us, scroll to the bottom of the post to see how it works

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This easy-to-follow detailed plan targets ageing and fitness at a cellular level using nutrient dense meals and snacks.

1. Healthy proteins The plan in weeks 5 to 8 alters slightly to include thermogenic spices such as cayenne, chilli, pepper and turmeric in order to more effectively metabolise fat from the body. Although weeks 5 to 8 aren’t too much different from weeks 1 to 4, one thing you notice is that breakfast recommends a protein shake. In these weeks, the plan also involves the consumption of healthy plant based protein, combined with low-fat fish and white meat options. A diet full of nutrient dense plant based protein has been shown to increase life expectancy while lowering the risk of today’s common diseases, such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and obesity related illnesses.

2. Eating small and often There are three main meal choices and three snack options focusing on controlled portions on the plan.  That means the meals can remain varied throughout the course but they’e designed to ensure you get to eat plenty of healthy food and never get hungry.The plan also includes healthy carbs to help with cognition and promote high energy levels.

3. Promoting digestive health The food choices in this plan also help the body achieve the correct digestive function to slow down the ageing process and assist with weight management.

4. Daily HIIT fitness A fitness regimen of 5-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) and yoga or pilates is recommended to help increase general fitness and slow down the ageing process and features in each or our weekly workout videos on the plan. See the end of the post for an outlined fitness regimen.

5. Moving more, aiming to take 10,000 steps a day Sitting less and moving around more through your work day is one of the best things you can do to lose weight and feel younger.

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Week 6 – WHAT TO DO

Before Breakfast:
One glass of warm water with the juice of half a grapefruit and a little cinnamon and honey to kick start digestion and fat metabolism. This also helps regulate blood sugar levels to help stop cravings.

Sunwarrior Protein Shake:
1 Scoop with 250mls of Rice, Almond or Low Fat Milk and 1 serve of Sapphire Blueberry Shots blended together with 7 or 8 Almonds to increase satiety if desired. The shake is now used as a meal replacement: it is high in protein and amino acids to help keep you fuller for longer. The berry shot is added to provide Nutrient Dense Cellular Fuel which is perfect for hair, skin, nails and to help with energy levels.

3 or 4 Prunes (or a glass of prune juice), 3 teaspoons of mixed Nuts and Seeds – for protein to help keep you satisfied. If you’re constipated, its harder to lose weight.

1 Apple with 8-10 Almonds

1 cup of Herbal Tea – again to help keep you feeling fuller for longer

Before lunch or dinner take 6 Spirulina or Super Greens tablets or capsules to help with feelings of fullness and control portion size. They also help to alkalise the system.

Tuna/Salmon or Sardines & Rice Salad: Add half a cup of veggies to a small tin of Tuna or Sardines – any combination of Green Vegetables and serve with half a cup of Brown Rice. Season with chilli or cayenne

Sardines In Tomato Sauce In A White DishVIDEO: Watch Rick Hay prepare a protein filled bunless burger with rice and green veggies. Swap out the tuna or sardines for a healthy, plant protein burger.

2 Rice or Corn Crackers topped with Avocado, Tomato, thinly sliced Cheese or Creamed Cheese (high in protein and healthy omegas to help with satiety). Add black pepper and turmeric

Three Bean Mix: Use a generous handful of Lentils, Chick Peas or Red Kidney Beans with Salad leaves to make an open sandwich on 1 piece of Whole Grain Crisp Bread such as Ryvita is to be used as the base. Season with black pepper, sea salt and chilli.

Mid Afternoon:
Boiled Egg with black pepper: Protein with thermogenic spices to help reduce cravings

Half an Avocado mashed: Served with 4 or 5 small Carrot or Celery sticks. Add cayenne

Fresh guacamole in bowl on wooden table

1 cup of Herbal Tea

Lentil or Bean and Vegetable Soup: Add a cup of Lentils or Beans plus 2 cups of Green Vegetables to 300-400mls of water. Simmer slowly and add turmeric, chilli and ginger. This is easy to digest and thermogenic herbs help speed up fat loss.

lentils soup on bowl

Chili Roast Mediterranean Veggies: Any combination of 2 cups of vegetables such as Red Onion, Courgette, Peppers and Tomatoes with a garlic, herb and chilli seasoning. You can also add half a cup of Lentils or Chick Peas. Bake in a small lasagne dish with a drizzle of cold pressed olive oil.

Smoothie – as per the breakfast recipe

1 cup of Herbal Tea

Stewed Pears – stew one Pear and add some Sultanas or Raisins and a little cinnamon – chilli or cayenne boost fat burning.

Fresh Compote of Pears with roasted hazelnut,HoneyBefore Bed:
1 cup of Herbal Tea – calming varieties like Chamomile, Lemon Balm or Valerian.

Fitness Plan Week 5: Fitness Plan: The daily 5-Minute Fat-Burning Challenge

As part of Rick Hay’s anti ageing fitness plan, he suggests making movement a part of your daily routine.

For the next 12 weeks we’re challenging you to:

1) Commit to do five minutes’ HIIT exercise daily. We’ll provide a different HIIT training video each week, all you have to do is give us back five minutes – and a little sweat – by doing the video each day. If you can’t do daily, try and rank up at least four times weekly.

2) Try and walk more than 10,000 steps a day. You’ll be surprised how the steps build up. Here’s a detailed how-to post to get you started walking for weight loss

This 5 minute cardio challenge includes a 3 minute high intensity program followed by a lower intensity yoga or pilates move.

Do each individual cardio exercise as many times as you can for one minute (three minutes in total), followed by the yoga/pilates move for two minutes. Repeat as often as you like, tailored to your own fitness level.

Within each movement we have included varying levels of intensity. Repeat these challenges 2 or 3 times so you continue to grow and keep your body challenged.

VIDEO: This week’s 5-minute cardio challenge video – do it daily or as often as you can this week.

Reverse Lunge with Toe (High Kick) Touch:
Start from standing, take a big step back, lowering knee toward the ground, then push forward as you can then touch the opposite hand to your foot in front of you, alternate and repeat.

Knee Touch:
Stretch arms out forward. ‘Jog’ until knees touch hands, start with hands lower and then raise hands higher to increase intensity.

Abs – Crunch:
With knees bent, feet ‘hover’ above ground about 2cms, pull knees to chest keeping calves resting against your hamstrings as you raise your shoulders from the floor to meet your knees.

TIP: Make sure you keep your neck neutral and don’t bend it forward.

Pilates – Rollback:
Start in a sitting up position with knees bent and feet flat on floor with your arms parallel to floor in front of you. Then slowly rollback, uncurling your spine to the floor as you take the hands overhead and behind you, then sweep the hands forward as your slowly return to start position.

Tip: Breathe in to prepare, exhale slowly to rollback, breathe in again and exhale on the way back up.


1. Weekly instructions Every Monday for the next 12 weeks we’ll be putting up an instructional post from Rick with everything you need to do that week.  It will include meal ideas and recipe tips plus snack and exercise guidelines and advice for little things you can do to keep hunger at bay and energy levels up.

2. Weekly food videos We’ll also be posting up a recipe video each week to give you guidelines on making some of the food on the plan. Don’t worry it’s all designed to be super-fast and super-easy as Rick describes himself as ‘The world’s laziest nutritionist’.

3. Weekly workout videos Each week will come with its own 5 minute workout designed for all levels and to progress in difficulty as the plan progresses (sorry, but you want results don’t you?). This is designed to be done daily – come on, it’s five minutes.

4. The Healthista with the best results will win a hamper featuring an array of health products from the plan worth over £100. Here’s the best bit. You send us your results in the comments of each post or share them with us via Twitter and Facebook – with pictures – and the Healthista with the best results walks away with an hamper of health booty including posh protein powder and super green powders.

BIG CONGRATS TO ASHLEY RAE (@AshleyLondon) WHO HAS WON OUR HEALTHISTA HAMPER WORTH £248!  Look out for more hampers in coming weeks

hamper 1

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anti ageingThis is an extract from the Anti Ageing Fitness Plan by Rick Hay. Available for download at the Xynergy website. The Anti Ageing Fitness Plan is a 12-week plan, complete with fitness regimens that are high-intensity and fat-burning. There are 12 weeks of meal plans that help to slow the ageing process, promote weight loss and alkalize the body at a cellular level.




Rick Hay is an Anti Ageing and Fitness Nutritionist with many years clinical experience in nutrition, naturopathy, botanical medicine and iridology. He specializes in obesity treatment and weight management. He write a regular Natural Health and Fitness Blog for Healthista. Picture: Lydia Jones

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