60 weight loss tips in 60 days New Year Revolution MAIN

60 weight loss tips in 60 days

Is your New Year’s resolution to shed a few pounds? For the next 60 days Healthista will be providing 60 easy weight loss tips to help you do just that

2019 is here and Healthista plans to encourage a New Year Revolution amongst all of our readers. This year Healthista are focusing on weight-loss options that get the weight off and keep it off, so you can feel like the best version of yourself throughout the year.

So if your New Year resolution is to feel amazing and be the best possible you, then these weight loss tips may just help. Check back daily for a new easy tip.

Easy weight loss tip #11 Try to do 15 minutes of morning yoga

For the next seven days, Healthista will bring you seven things that slim women do daily. These women aren’t naturally thin, but maintain their slim shapes by working at it – here’s one thing each does everyday:

Katie Newman, 35, Creative Executive, TV Drama, Islington (size 6)

‘I do 15 minutes of yoga sun salutations most mornings. It doesn’t take long but I’ve found in the intensely busy times when I can’t go the gym or do anything else it helps keep me toned (and sane!).

‘It works for me because it’s only 15 minutes and I can always squeeze it in. I’ve been doing it in the morning like this for a year or so and have seen a real difference in the length and tone of my muscles.

‘It’s a great way to give myself a pat on the back for at least doing something each day.’


Easy weight loss tip #10 The power of three checklist

Making just three 100-calorie changes in your daily food or exercise routine could help you lose weight.

According to Professor Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, diets fail because they ask us to do too much.

That’s why just three small 100-calorie changes, practiced every single day could make us as 30 pounds lighter by the end of the year.  Here’s some inspiration to choose from:

  • Serve vegetables with herbs, lemon juice instead of butter
  • Take a 15 minute brisk walk every day
  • Jump rope every morning for 10 minutes
  • Swap morning pastry for two slices wholemeal toast with Marmite
  • Switch from large full fat latte to an Americano with a dash of hot milk (delicious!)


Easy weight loss tip #9 Get blending

Blending Smoothies and soups can help fight fat, says Professor Barbara Rolls, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University and author of The Volumetric Eating Plan: feel full on fewer calories.

Rolls’s research found that foods with more air such as shakes prepared in the blender and low-fat frozen desserts provide more satiety (fuller for longer).

Try soya, skimmed or rice milk, berries and a tablespoon of crushed flaxseeds (from health food stores) with dollop of plain yoghurt for breakfast.


Soups are also a great way to keep you full but on fewer calories. Winter months such as these make reaching for a hot and wholesome soup even more tempting.

For healthy soup recipe ideas read, 5 steps to making a healthy soup (whatever you have lying around the kitchen).

Easy weight loss tip #8 Bulk up your meals with whole grains

Wholegrain or ‘bulky’ foods that are high in fibre, such as lentils, pulses, wholemeal pasta and grains, not only keep your blood sugar levels up but they also increase the levels of hunger-fighting hormones in your system, says Vivienne Parry in The Truth About Hormones.  This will ‘keep you satisfied for longer without extra calories’.


During the colder months, people tend to opt for warming foods such as stews and casseroles. These are perfect to fill with lots and lots of veggies, but also lentils, pulses and beans such as butter beans, chickpeas, haricot beans.

If this still isn’t enough to fill your bellies, you can have whole grain rice or pasta as an extra.

By loading your stews and casseroles with both vegetables, lentil and beans you will feel far more satisfied and stay fuller for longer – plus they will warm you up nicely for the chilly evenings.

Easy weight loss tip #7 Opt for protein rich foods

Scientists have discovered that the hormone that makes us hungry, called ghrelin, can be kept at bay by eating foods rich in protein.

Trials published in the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, found that people who ate a high protein breakfast kept their ghrelin levels at bay longer than those that ate just carbohydrates for breakfast.


For breakfast why not try a mushroom omelette, or the classic avocado on toast with a poached egg. If you don’t have the luxury of time, simply add nuts to your muesli or have some sugar-free peanut butter with a banana. These breakfast options are full of high protein foods.

Easy weight loss tip #6: Reminisce about your food

British scientists at the University of Birmingham discovered that actively remembering your last meal suppresses appetite and reduces the desire to snack on junk food.

So if you think you’re getting hungry three hours after your evening meal actively visualise what you ate for dinner.


Easy weight loss tip #5: Stock a variety of healthy foods

We have evolved to love variety in the food we eat, and this can be used to healthy advantage.

Keep a LOW variety of unhealthy foods available to yourself, for example, if your kids love crisps, keep them in the house but in one flavour (preferably that you’re not fond of). If you’re a biscuit fanatic, stick to one ‘plainer’ type, cor example custard creams.


Then ensure you always have a HIGH variety of healthy foods available to you. Stock fruit and vegetables in abundance, find out which vegetables are in season, and search for interesting recipes that incorporate seasonal fruit and veg.

Having a good variety in healthy foods will increase your satisfaction and keep you excited about your newfound healthier eating.

Easy weight loss tip #4: Stick to an eating schedule

Human beings love routines and rituals, especially when it comes to eating your beloved pizza at the weekend or drinking your favourite wine with a best friend. But you can also use this instincts to create healthy habits and rituals too.

Try to eat at regular times so your body will learn not to expect food at other times throughout the day. Attempt to break habits like eating junk food at certain times of the day or week.


For example if you’re used to eating chocolate after lunch, swap this for some fruit and have it at breakfast time instead. If you like to indulge on pizza when Friday evening comes along, change that to a healthier pizza and try having it on a Monday instead.

Create healthy rituals to avoid getting into a vicious cycle of unhealthy routines. By breaking these habits, your body will soon stop expecting it.

Easy weight loss tip #3: Don’t deprive yourself

Most people love a rich treat every now and then but the key is not to deprive yourself. Depriving yourself wont only make you miserable, but it may lead to increased cravings and you’ll end up binge eating that deprived treat until you don’t wan’t to eat it ever again – or until the next day.

‘Sandwich’ your treats with healthy food. Instead of going all out on one ‘big full fat cheat meal’, have small treats with each or your healthy meals. This way you wont feel like you’ve ruined your healthy eating plan at all.


For example have an all-raw salad with a wholemeal pitta bread and add a slice or two of a delicious cheese treat, such as brie or halloumi or add a sprinkle of walnuts.

Have small portions of the high calorie foods you fancy, added to this lots of low calorie healthy, high-fibre foods to keep you full and satisfied.

Easy weight loss tip #2: Keep a healthy stocked kitchen

To avoid the temptation of easy, quick to grab, unhealthy junk food, try to keep your kitchen fully stocked with plenty of healthy food options.

These healthier options can be quick and easy too, but as long as they are healthy, satisfying foods you are more likely to avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking and possible overeating.


Aim to keep your fridge full with lots of with ready cut veggies, such as cucumber, carrot sticks with a yummy homemade hummus.  If you are one who immediately reaches for the sweet treats when you get home, have a ready chopped fruit salad in the fridge in an air tight container.

Small bags of nuts and seeds are ideal if you need a quick salty snack, lentil crisps are also a healthy go-to if you’re preferred snack is a bag of crisps.

Another satisfying snack that you can quickly rustle up the night before (whilst preparing your dinner) are boiled eggs. Keep a couple of boiled eggs in the fridge, these will fill you up nicely and provide healthy fats and protein that will help you feel fuller for longer.

Meal prep is also ideal for weight-loss, when you cook your next meal, make more than you usually would and save some as leftovers.

Keep your leftovers in a container in the fridge near the front so you don’t forget about them. That way if you get home starving hungry you can heat up a healthy leftover meal rather than reaching for the naughty snacks or having a fully loaded sandwich.

Easy weight loss tip #1: Eat for satisfaction

Make sure after every meal and every snack you feel satisfied.

This will cut your ‘hunger cravings’ in half.  Try one or more of the following compositions:  high fibre, high-protein/low-carb, high volume.

For example, two oatcakes with no-sugar peanut butter are both high-protein and high fibre.

Other satisfaction boosting tricks include having a little healthy fat with your meals in the form of butter, nuts/seeds, avocado or healthy vegetable oils such as olive. Fat helps slow digestion and increases the body’s satiety signals to the brain, so you feel satisfied sooner.

You can also fill up on high fibre foods such as beans and pulses, or wholegrains such as brown rice and quinoa to help ensure fullness so you’re not craving pudding at the end of your meal – or seconds.

In fact, if you feel like seconds, wait. It takes roughly 13 minutes for the brain to register fullness from the stomach.


Got a weight loss tip? Send it to editor@healthista.com for the chance to win a Healthista gift worth over £50.

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