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3 celebrity hair trends from this year’s awards season

slider hair trend awards, the must have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista

Awards season has left some amazing celebrity hair trends in its wake. Healthista’s Parisa Hashempour spoke to award-winning hairdresser Edward James about how we can get the looks ourselves

From Adele and Beyonce’s emotional moment at the Grammy’s to La La Land and Moonlight‘s awkward encounter at the Oscars this awards season has been a whirlwind of golden statues, amazing artists and beautiful style moments.

And now the season is over we can’t help but look back and notice some of the key hair trends that have emerged from this season. We’ve picked out some of the best celebrity hair trends right now plus we spoke to award-winning hairdresser Edward James for a little advice on how to style our hair like the celebs do.

The trend: Pretty in pastel

If you thought last year’s grungey pastel trend was over, you were wrong. Pastel shades are set to make a big comeback this Spring and they were all over the red carpet. ‘Pastel pink is a huge trend and is the fun look for 2017,’ expert hairdresser Edward James revealed. But keeping your hair a soft-hued pastel isn’t the easiest. ‘To achieve a true pastel, the hair needs to be bleached to platinum blonde and then toned. The toner will require a lot of topping up in between services,’ warns James.

Zara Larsson, the must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Zara Larsson rocking pastel pink hair with dirty blonde roots at the Academy Awards

Who does it suit?

While James explained to us that this look can work on blonde highlighted hair, he thinks that it definitely works best on icy blondes. ‘It will work best on creamy platinum blondes, not on golden or strawberry blondes, which when toned end up looking dull and more orange/pink than pastel,’ said James.

Grace Chatto, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Grace Chatto shows off her pastel blue locks at the Brit Awards

How do I get pastel hair?

Tcrazy colour candy floss, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthistahis look is a big commitment. If you don’t already have very light hair, you’re going to have to bleach up. ‘You should get a good recommendation for a colour specialist as this is one of the colour services that can ruin your hair if not done with care.’

When it comes to bleaching up your hair, James praises the power of new salon essential, Olaplex (which you can also buy to use at home for £19.99). Olaplex helps prevent your hair lose its condition when it’s under the strain of harsh bleach. James explained that this product helps your hair create new strong bonds. 


After bleaching, you’re going to need to tone your hair in the colour of whichever pastel shade you’re after. ‘This is really something that I would get done in the salon, but if you want to top it up at home use  Crazy Colour, Candy Floss (£4.80) or Schwarzkopf toner (£21.56) which both work well.’

Taryn Manning pastel hair, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Taryn Manning poses with her award at the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

The trend: the twisted top knot

We love the versatility of this hair-do. Wear it out to a glitzy party or sport it to the gym, a twisted top knot works with sweat pants or a glamorous party dress. It’s the ultimate in laid back chic and we’re totally on board with this look. James reveals that it’s easy enough to achieve, he shares his step-by-step tips on how to achieve the perfect twisted top knot.

Alesha dixon, The must-have trends of this years awards season by healthista
Alesha Dixon sports a sleek top knot at the Brits

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Who does it suit?

James says that this look is easiest to achieve on normal, straight hair that is ideally shoulder length or longer, as that way it’s easier to get all of the hair up on top of your head. ‘This look suits hair that is medium to fine texture with a small amount of wave. If you have curly hair be prepared to blow-dry and iron your hair first to remove volume at the root and frizz,’ James advises.

‘If you have a round face, bring the knot forward slightly as this will create more height and be more flattering to elongate your face shape. If you have a square jawline, this look can be a bit too severe so consider softening up the texture at the roots so it’s not too harsh,’ the hair expert goes on to explain.

Kendall Jenner top knot, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Kendall Jenner pairs a twisted top knot with a gorgeous orange gown at the Golden Globes

How do I do a twisted top knot?

James takes us through the process of creating a twisted top knot step by step.

Step one: if your hair is wavy, apply a generous amount of mousse to the hair, working it into the roots, particularly if you have a strong parting. Use your hairdryer and a paddle brush to flatten the hair back from the face, creating as smooth and flat a look as possible.

Step two: if you have any frizz or flyaways around the hairline or the neck, run your irons over the hairs to make sure kinks are banished.Olsson scandinavian hair spray, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista

Step 3: pull all your hair up to the crown in a tight ponytail. Use a hair elastic or a bunjee elastic (which is the easier option) to create a secure and tight high ponytail. Spray the flattened hair with firm-hold hairspray and either use the side of the hairspray can to rub along the hair or the back of your paddle brush – this way you will not dismantle your new look with your fingers. If this look intimidates you on account of a sensitive scalp, the Olsson Scandinavia Sensitive hairspray, £12.95 is free from parabens and will help keep your hair together without hurting your head.

Step 4: with the ponytail, apply a small amount of soft wax, such as Aveda’s light elements “whip” to the hair to smooth any flyways. Tie the hair into a knot and secure with hairpins at the roots.

Step 5: run the irons over the ends of the knot to create a more “jagged” feel, before finishing the look with a liberal amount of firm hold hairspray such as Bumble and Bumble Strong finish.’

Bryce Dallas Howard top know, Baftas, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Bryce Dallas Howard’s big blunt fringe is set off with a twisted top knot for her appearance at the BAFTAs

The trend: Slicked back and sexy

‘This look is mega and it comes back time and time again,’ said James. He harks back to the 20s, 80s and 90s when this slicked back look dominated hair trends. He went on to reveal that the current look is similar to the 80s version ‘simple, no kinks and fuss free.’ This sleek look oozes confidence and is the ultimate party hair. It’s a gutsy style that we have spotted on some of our favourite female celebs. James took us through exactly how to achieve this sexy slicked back look.

slicked back hair Pixie Lott, The must-have hair trends from this years awards season by healthista
Pixie Lott brings out her inner rock chick with this slicked back hair and smokey eye combo at the Brit awards

Who does it suit?

James explained that this look works best on shorter cropped hair or bobs. It creates a more dramatic look. He explained that the sharpness of a shorter haircut creates a more edgy feel but that it can also definitely be created on longer hair.

‘For curly hair, this look is harder to achieve as it will not look so effortless, and may, in fact, look like you have not bothered to do you hair.  If you do have curly hair, it is important to straighten out the hair at the roots and only use oil based products (not water based) as your hair will revert to curly otherwise.’

Daisy Ridley slicked back, The must-have hair trends of this years awards season by healthista
Daisy Ridley keeps her short slicked back hairdo subtle at the BAFTAs

How do I get slicked back hair?

Edward James warns that the most important thing to keep in mind with this look is that you mustn’t let your hair dry out ‘or it will separate and look terrible, or go hard and crunchy.’ He talks us through the best way to achieve this look, step by step.

Step 1: on towel dried hair, apply firm hold mousse, such as Orbe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse and also apply a styling cream with an oil base included, such as Aveda’s Brilliant Universal Texturising Cream (£16.65). aveda styling creme, The must have hair trends this awards season by healthistaWork this trough the hair using a wide tooth comb, and create a deep parting on your preferred side. You can go central, which works particularly on oval shape faces. Keep it to the side if you have a round face as it will be more flattering and draw the eye across and create the illusion of more height.

Step 2: use a denman brush and hairdryer to work the product into the hair, directing the nozzle at all times in the direction of the parting.

Step 3: Apply a liberal amount of firm hold hairspray once you are happy with the final look. The oil based product will make sure your hair does not become stiff or dry looking.’

Rita Ora slicked back hair, The must-have hair trends from this years awards season by healthista
Rita Ora rocks a slicked back wet look at the Brit Awards


Edward James, the hottest new hair trends as seen of this seasons awards shows by healthistaAward-winning stylist Edward James has become a cult hit among the beauty press, models, TV presenters and actors and on the fashion scene. Within the last year the Edward James London Aveda has been recognised in related Awards, named as finalists in 9 categories and taking home 4 Winner titles. Having launched a VIP session styling service for clients needing more flexibility, Edward and his team have worked with large fashion brands and red-carpet looks.

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