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20 minute Pilates workout to strengthen and tone glutes

Healthista teamed up with David Kingsbury the founder of London based, boutique gym OPUS to create a three-part series of 20-minute pilates workouts to help improve strength, posture and body tone. 

If you are trying to develop strength while toning in your training and looking to improve balance, posture and flexibility all at the same time, then Pilates is a low impact workout that could be missing in your fitness programme. Founder of London gym, OPUS, David Kingsbury has put together three selective workouts that don’t require equipment and can be done at home.


Pilates-based exercises are great for developing strength, endurance and tone in your buttock area because the exercises target various different sections of the Gluteal group. Moving your hips with control and precision (two of the Pilates principles) in different planes of movement can be challenging – even with no equipment. David takes you through these principles in this 20-minute pilates for glutes.

Want to train with David Kingsbury at OPUS? Click Here

As the founder of OPUSDavid Kingsbury‘s passion for inspiring health and wellbeing is at the forefront of his training approach. This desire is fuelled by his love of sports from a young age. An accomplished sportsman, David was selected to play rugby for the Bedford Blues Youth Academy at the age of 17 and represented his University in Cardiff. However, struck by injury, David‘s rugby career was cut short and surgery on his hips ended his rugby playing days. After completing his studies, David worked at one of London’s top Reformer Pilates studios clocking up more than 3,500 teaching hours before opening the doors to his own boutique studio in Notting Hill. Clients training with David can expect high energy, focused and challenging training sessions designed to push you every step of the way.



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