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10 fashion fitness brands you’ve probably never heard of

fitness gear, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by

We all know about the big names in fashion fitness. But these 10 lesser known brands have caught our eye by combining quality with functionality, flattering cuts with fashiony looks. Get them on your radar now 

We like fitness garments that combine quality, functionality and a flattering and fashionable look (demanding, us?). Whether you’re looking for bright colours, bold patterns or flattering classics we’ve compiled a guide to the best niche brands your fitness fashion radar needs now.

1. South Beach 

Top and shorts,  Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by

South Beach’s new fitness gear brings you three different styles that will make you want to get up in the morning and show off your new fitness outfit. The brand has a surfery feel and the material is super soft and will make you feel comfortable even if you are sweating buckets.

We particularly like this strappy cropped top (left) which features a classic colour combination of gold and black. The material has just the right amount of stretch making it very comfortable to wear no matter what type of exercise you are doing. The detail on the straps  makes for a real eye catcher. We love the dual-show off function of this top – flattering both abs and shoulders.

Shorts and top both available online at South Beach.

Price: top £15 and shorts £20

2. Odlo 

Odlo crop top, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by

The Swiss brand’s runners’ collection is simply beautiful. The contemporary design combined with ultra light and ultra high tech materials will make this brand every runner’s best friend. The collection features running leggings, vests, tees, crop tops and jackets.

We particularly like the white and purple crop top (right) which can be used as a sports bra or on its own. The material dries quickly and let’s your skin breath, nobody likes workout clothes that stick to your skin because they don’t dry fast enough. The wide cross straps provide support while at the same time allowing all kinds of movements without digging into your skin. The product range has a mix of bright and sombre colours which when combined create an edgy look.

Available online at Odlo.

Price: £35

3. BoomBoom Athletica 

BoomboomAthletica, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by
This will become the new little black dress in your gym drawer

Boomboom Athletica produces garments that are both functional and stylish with a classic chic design. The workout range is made from high-quality materials that keep moister away from your skin and provides a high level of UV protection, perfect for exercising outdoors.

The Boom Boom Athletica tank will become the little black dress of your gym drawer.

The Boom Boom Athletica tank will become the little black dress of your gym drawer. It’s simple yet flattering, the black mesh detail across the upper back gives it extravagance. This is a brand for women who don’t like super bright colours and crazy patterns. Simple cuts and long fitted garments allow for all kinds of movement whilst providing maximum comfort. If you are looking for top quality workout gear that will flatter your figure whilst being comfortable during all movements Boomboom Athletica is the right brand for you.

Available online at Boomboom Athletica.

Price: £65

4. SKINS A200 range 

woman running, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by Healthista.comSKINS is brand that is favoured by sportswomen because of its reliable compression technology performance, but now the fitness label has launched their new line with wow-factor.

The Women’s A200 range consists of three different styles This Way Up, Transmission Print and Black/Papaya. There is something for every type of gym bunny in this new collection. This way up combines whites, crimson reds and royal blues to create a geometric pattern across the entire garment. If you are not keen on strong patterns and bright colour combinations the Black/Papaya style is just what you are looking for. Black covers the majority of the pieces with white side panels and small details in orange. The transmission print mainly uses the colours purple, blue and white which gives the garment almost a spacey look. The fact that the A200 range offers three different styles means it caters to a wide spectrum of people.

Available on SKINS website.

Price of 3/4 tights: £60

5. Be An Athlete (BAA) 

Cropped Hoody, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by Healthista.comWhat makes this brand stand out is the softness of the materials they use. The leggings and tops are made from 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent elastane, giving them just enough stretch to be comfortable for when you are working out hard. The brand was founded by health and fitness writer and strength and conditioning coach Phil Learney and is designed for tough workouts. Be An Athlete offers a classic and premium line.

Our favourite piece of the collection is the short sleeve hoody (right). How often do you face the difficult decision of whether or not to wear a hoodie, if you wear one you’ll feel too hot if you don’t you’ll get cold. This in-between short-sleeve hoodie will solve that problem. The collection focuses on the colours black and grey, with a few tanks in orange, green and pink.

Available on Be An Athlete website.

Price: £75

6. Striders Edge 

Striders edge tank and hoody, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by


Striders Edge is a British active wear brand that has caught our attention recently. The latest collection  reflects a sense of California cool coupled with unmistakeable British edginess. Garments are a mix of vibrant and soft neutral colours. Striders Edge’s tanks feature unique necklines and cut-out detailing making them the perfect funky addition to any gym gear wardrobe.

Strider’s Edge latest collection reflects a sense of California cool coupled withBritish edginess

We’ve picked two items that are particularly interesting, the Empire Streamlines Vest in grey and the Endurance Hoody (both above). The cut-out detail on the back of the tank will keep you cool whilst doing strenuous exercises and the grey makes it easy to combine it with a more vibrant coloured sports bra. The hoody is perfect for keeping you warm during a morning workout outdoors.

Empire Streamlines Vest Price: £35

Available at Striders Edge.

Endurance Hoody: £65

Available at John Lewis.

7. Lexie

Lexie leggings, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by

If you are a fan of cool independent clothing labels that have one-of-a-kind designs, look no further, Lexie has it all. We love this brand because it makes active wear so fashionable that you could easily wear it out and people would probably stop you to ask where you got your funky leggings from.

If you want to be eccentric with your workout clothes we recommend the Iris leggings (right). The blue, white and black print is a real eye-catcher, it is inspired by 1930’s jewellery and digitally retouched to give it that distinctive look. If you want to wow fellow gym bunnies these leggings are the way to do it.

Price: £65

Available at Lexie Sport.

8. Finisterre 

Penwinnick jumper, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by Healthista.comEddy Longline, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by










If you enjoy trekking and camping you will appreciate Finisterre. Top quality and functionality are what make this brand unique. Their range includes jackets that are designed to retain warmth and block out cold winds.

We especially like their morino wool range (above), the material is light and soft – perfect for layering. The Eddy Longline hoody in black is our favourite piece, the material is comfortable to wear and it will become your go-to hoody even when you are not working out. It is perfect to wear over leggings, add some bright coloured trainers and your fashion statement is set. The Penwinnick jumper (above right) is from 100 percent cotton and has a relaxed-fit. This light blue and airy jumper (above left) will keep you warm during mild summer evenings.

Price Eddy Longline: £60

Available at Finisterre.

Price Penwinnick jumper: £75

Available at FInisterre.

MORE: We love: This blue jacket by Finisterre

9. Human Performance Engineering (HPE)

Freedom Tank, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by Healthista.comSkinny Anatomy, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by










Human Performance Engineering is a truly special brand, it uses silver technology to prevent bacterial build-up. The founder Nick Harris has worked with some of the world’s leading athletes, from olympic gold medalists to Formula 1 drivers, hence it is no surprise that HPE active wear is designed to help athletes perform at their maximum level. But this brand not only offers optimum quality but also incredible design, every single piece in the range has a unique feature.

It’s hard to pick favourites but if we had to pick two pieces they would probably the Freedom Tank (above left) and the Skinny Anatomy leggings (above right). The tank has a built in bra and a beautiful low cut-out detail on the side which reveals almost the entire sports. The tank is available in grey and pink with back bra. The leggings have a mesh detail on the side of the leg and a wide waistband to for maximum comfort. It also has a small inside pocket for keeping your keys which is always handy.

Price of Freedom Tank: £62

Available at John Lewis.

Price of Skinny Anatomy Leggings: £75

Available at HPE.

10. Every Second counts

Swift Jacket, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by Healthista.comCatch Me Legging, Best fitness brands you've never heard of before by










Sally Dixon, the founder of Every Second Counts, combined her 17 years experience working in the fashion industry with her enthusiasm for fitness and creating a brand and benefits both fitness junkies and first time gym goers. From tops to bottoms the brands offers a wide range of garments both neutral and bright colours.

The Swift Jacket (above left) is made from breathable materials, protects against UV rays and has ultra reflective mesh panels which makes it excellent in terms of safety. But this jacket also hits points on the fashion scale, the straight cut and simple pattern give it flair. The Catch Me Leggings (above right) are available in grey or neon pink and make a good base layer for running shorts when it’s a bit chilly outside.

Price Swift Jacket: £195

Available at Every Second Counts.

Price Catch Me Leggings: £46

Available at Every Second Counts.

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