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Ferne McCann: ‘Why I gave up sunbeds’

The gorgeous Ferne McCann popped in to Healthista Towers for a chat about sunbeds and tanning – we even got to play a quick game of ‘This or that’ with her – watch the video evidence here

We love Ferne McCann’s fake tanning range, so we were more than excited when she popped by the Healthista office for a quick catch up. We spoke about everything from tanning, sunbeds and cancer scares, but first we played a little game of ‘this or that’.

Why I gave up sunbeds by Ferne McCann

Ferne started using sunbeds when she was around 16 years old.

‘I started going on a sunbed probably when I was around 16, which is quite scary because that’s so young and too young to know the damage that they can do to you,’ she tells Healthista.

As a result, earlier this year she had to have some moles removed from her face.

‘When I went to the doctors about some moles I had on my face, the doctor actually advised me to get one removed, just in case. It looked a bit suspicious.

‘When they said there’s nothing wrong, you’re totally fine, obviously it was a big relief because melanoma and cancer, it’s scary.’

So when the opportunity came up for Ferne to create her own fake tan range, she simply couldn’t resist.

‘I’ve always been a massive fan of fake tan, ever since I could get my hands on it – I love the feeling of being bronzed and tanned,’ she says.

‘Fake tan was the way forward for me so having my own range is just really exciting’.

Fake tan was the way forward for me so having my own range is just really exciting


You can check out our review of the Ferne McCann tanning range HERE

And of course, being the true tanning guru that she is, she also gave us a few handy tanning tips.

Ferne McCann’s top tips for fake tan

  1. Exfoliate – ‘ you want to get rid of all the dry skin before you fake tan, if you’ve got a layer of fake tan sometimes it sticks to it and it can go patchy.’

2. Moisturise – ‘moisturise two days after you’ve applied your fake tan and continuously moisturise – this avoids any scaley tan and I also think it makes it last longer as well.’

3.Use a tanning mit – ‘this is really important, no one wants that excess amount of tan gathered up on their hands.’

4. Buffing circular motions – ‘really use those curcular buffing motions for an even tan.

5. Practise makes perfect – keep trying until you get it right

You can buy the Ferne McCann fake tanning range here:

Ferne McCann Express Tan

Ferne McCann Deep Glow Tan

Ferne McCann Natural Glow Tan

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