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Ask the anti-ageing doctor

Do I need nose fillers? Ask the anti-ageing doctor

What are nose fillers? NEW series ‘Ask the anti-ageing doctor’, featuring oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor, Maryam Zamani explains anti-ageing treatments

Nose fillers have become increasingly popular in the last year and a half and the reason is because having filler in the nose is an effective way to temporarily improve the aesthetic of the nose without having any surgery.

But what exactly are nose fillers and are there any risks? Dr Maryam Zamani helps us to understand how it all works.

What are nose fillers?

‘Nose fillers are dermal fillers that help to add volume to areas injected, a temporary solution is a hyaluronic acid injection. The benefits of a hyaluronic acid injection is that it can last 12-18 months with minimal if any downtime.

‘Nose fillers are a series of injections that I do generally with a cannula through the tip of the nose to help either the profile of the nose to create a straighter nose when someone has a dorsal hump for instance or to help refine the tip of the nose by slightly reshaping the nose itself.

This is a very aesthetically pleasing treatment and rewarding because the results are pretty much instant and people who suffer from having an unattractive nose to themselves really feel much better once they’ve had this treatment done.


What are the risks?

‘Again like all dermal fillers there are risks associated with such treatments, if you’ve had a previous rhinoplasty before those risks are amplified because of potential scarring and irregularities in the normal anatomy of the nose. It’s very important when treating a nose to go to someone who knows exactly what they are doing, no pun intended.

‘There are complications that can occur, the most common of which is potential bruising or swelling, in patients who have had previous rhinoplasty because of the scarring and potential changes in the anatomy there is an increased risk of having a vascular problem and therefore having tissue necrosis [where the skin just under the surface dies].’

Can nose fillers be removed?

‘In the event that you have a complication or do not like the aesthetic outcome of hyaluronic acid fillers, there is a way to remove them or dissolve them. Called hyaluronidase, it’s generally used as a last resort in the event of a complication.

‘For example, if you have some kind of tissue necrosis or another medical issue that’s happening we tend to use hyaluronidase. This is an injection and is similar to more like a botulinum toxin injection because it’s a very small needle used to place hyaluronidase which is an enzyme that helps dissolve the hyaluronic acid.

‘It works immediately, within 24 hours you will have some of the hyaluronic acid filler dissolved. It is not a precise science, imagine that you have filler in the form of an ice cube and you put hot water on top of it and the hot water melts the ice cube.

‘Hyaluronidase works in a similar fashion, wherever the hyaluronic acid is touched it is melted in that area. If you don’t inject it into the area that has hyaluronic acid it will remain.

‘Sometimes you may need more than one treatment in order to dissolve all the hyaluronic acid that you would like to remove.’

How much does it cost?

This treatment will cost £700.

Maryam recommends:

‘Do your research on your injector and the doctor that is going to treat you.

‘Have realistic expectations and look for a doctor who is going to be conservative – there is always the chance to do more.

‘Before you go ahead, ask what they would do in the unlikely event that you are to have a complication, so you can be sure they are able to manage that effectively and well and give you the best long-term outcome possible.’

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As a leading Oculoplastic Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Maryam Zamani has garnered a global reputation – both in the US and UK with twelve years of practice and alongside her two fellowships at London’s Imperial College NHS Trust and Chelsea Westminster NHS Trust. Dr Zamani works from her base at the Cadogan Clinic, on Sloane Street and is also the creator and founder of MZ Skin a luxurious yet performance driven skincare range of eight hero products.

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