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Terranam – a Spanish wellness retreat that nurtures all 5 senses

Terranam - a Spanish wellness retreat that nurtures all 5 senses MAIN SLIDER

If you’re looking to unwind, relax, eat and explore using all 5 senses, then Terranam wellness retreat in Spain is the experience you’ve been searching for

Terra – Latin for Earth, Land – and Anam – Celtic for Soul, Spirit – aka the land of soul.

Terranam is hidden away on the coast of Galicia, in between the mountains and ocean in Northern Spain; a Celtic, Spanish 18th century manor house, turned into a boutique hotel resort of wellness and exploration.

What makes Terranam unique is the homely approach, that truly lives up to its mantra – ‘Come As A Guest, Leave As A Friend’.  This is what truly makes it a wellness retreat with spirit and soul, connectivity and friendship.

Amongst the usual activities you would find at a retreat, such as yoga, massage, meditation, hikes, delicious cuisine, sea views, and sandy beaches – what actually makes Terrenam feel different is the people who run it.

You can feel it as soon as you enter through its grandiose gated doors and receive the warmest of welcomes from its founder, Maria. 

Terranam is hidden away on the coast of Galicia, in between the mountains and ocean in Northern Spain

Maria Garrido is an International accomplished executive who began enjoying wellness retreats as a way to slow down the hectic pace of business life and reconnect with nature.

Maria is the heart of Terranam, a warm soul who desires nothing more than to make her guests happy in allowing themselves to press pause and escape into the wilderness of the surrounding Celtic lands.

Maria is extremely passionate about supporting the development of mindful self care practices; this is why Terranam donates a portion of profits to provide wellness retreats to female survivors of domestic abuse, free of charge.

By retreating with Terranam, you are contributing to this cause, helping the victims of domestic violence to assert their rights and thrive.

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terranam wellness retreat in northern span for the 5 senses

Sight: Peaceful Accommodation

The whole property oozes tranquility and peace. Holistic yet cosy, chic yet grounding with modern country like interiors that are bright and airy.

It hosts everything including: living space, dinning room, fitness studio, massage parlour, stunning en-suites, swimming pool, relaxation areas, bamboo cove, stone chapel, fresh water spring, foraging garden, ocean and country views as well as an outdoor bar and dining space.

Upon arrival we were warmly greeted by Maria and her team, we were wowed when we entered the idyllic and magical resort, which felt like its own island, tucked away and hidden from the rest of the world, yet the open air space all around and the views over-looking the sea and the mountains was breathtaking.

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accomodation at terranum wellness retreat

Taste: Spanish Cuisine

The welcome dinner felt like you just arrived at your family’s holiday home with the atmosphere giving off cosy latin vibes that for some reason felt oh-so-familiar.

Everybody got a chance to bond over dinner and get more familiar with the resort and its history, as well as each other. 

The dinner itself consisted of locally sourced, three course meal that was a sensational flavour experience, all vegetarian and super delicious. Who knew you could make vegetables taste that exquisite! 

The food is one of Terranam’s highlights, they have created 82 gastronomic vegetarian and seafood dishes, designed by a top Spanish Michelin star-trained chef – Marta Cebrian Lopez.

Giving your palate a totally new sense of sensation, using organic ingredients from their garden and local fishing villages, all  under the zero waste principle. Freshly prepared daily by Terranam’s onsite chef. 

82 gastronomic vegetarian and seafood dishes, designed by a top Spanish Michelin star-trained chef

The next morning we woke up to fresh coffee and a delicious smoothie mix before heading to our first yoga session, which was optional, so there was no pressure. This was the beauty of the energy here, it was not a bootcamp but a free flow. 

Everything was optional, which gave the freedom to relax without judgement; making people feel free to dip in and out. Giving you the chance to really listen to your body and give it what it truly needs and wants. 

A stunningly displayed buffet style brunch was waiting for us after our yoga session, along with special dishes for those with extra dietary requirements.

Terranam wellness retreat for the five senses delicious spanish food

Smell: Energising Activities

The yoga session was so relaxing, the instructor was so calm and just allowed us to flow and enjoy without it feeling intimidating or forceful.

With a lot of stretching involved, it felt like our bodies were made to open up, allowing the muscles to let go, easing us into the retreat and what was to come.

Other than retreating to the pool area often for a rest, we also explored the surrounding area and headed out on a hike to the nearby secret Logoon. We walked through the famous eucalyptus mountain forest, which was beautiful and the smell was fresh and mentally cleansing.

We walked through the famous eucalyptus mountain forest

The Logoon was also breathtaking and gave us all a sense of calm in the nature that surrounded us. We continued on to the top of the mountain where we sat down and had a profound chat, whilst taking in the fresh air, feeling the breeze upon our faces and taking in the magnificent sights.

It felt so freeing, an escape into the wild, giving you a chance to think, reflect and ponder. 

A long standing Galician tradition, we also got to experience a Viking boat trip during the retreat. We had a lot of fun on the boat, giggling away and getting more familiar with one another.

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terranam wellness retreat for the senses

Touch: Healing Hands

When we got back from our hike, I jumped straight into the massage, which was well deserved. The therapist used techniques which gave me totally new sensations.

I drifted into a slumber and could feel that she was doing everything with such love and care. Totally what my body needed. 

Hearing: Immersive Sounds

A Sound Healing session was performed in Terrenam’s 18th century stone wall chapel. It was deeply healing and immersive, a true sound bath that penetrated deeply into the body and soul, performed by two healers using Tibetan bowls and instruments. 

I felt strong vibrations of tingles and waves pass through me, working deeply with my energetic frequency of the body and my brain waves. I even feel asleep during and woke up in a deep relaxation and calm state.

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The 5 Senses: A Spectacular Finale

The last evening was a spectacular dinning experience – Galician style, which consisted of a 5 course feast – a delicious array of authentic local seafood specialities and world-renowned local Albariño wine.

This was followed by a huge celebration of music, dancing and even some midnight magic entertainment with a special guest who wowed us with casting spells and drinking alcoholic fire ritual potions, that was made right in front of us in a cauldron beneath the stars in the open air.

We even saw a shooting star that night – an incredible end to a blissful experience. 

You can book packages to suit you, whether that’s 4, 5 or 7 day experience, with each room being a private double with en-suite.

Prices start from £1,440 per person

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