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7 cosy self-care essentials for your Friday night in

Looking for the perfect self-care essentials for your cosy Friday night in? Healthista have rounded up 7 of our top picks

3 ways to heal trauma from within FEATURED

Mood & Mind

3 ways to heal trauma from within 

Nicci Roscoe, accomplished holistic health & wellbeing practitioner reveals 3 ways to heal trauma from within


Weight Loss

Dr Michael Mosley reveals 3 benefits of intermittent fasting – plus how to get started

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day or is intermittent fasting key to a healthier you? Doctor Michael Mosley reveals the benefits


Should you be pulsing your supplements?

Should you be pulsing your supplements? Clarissa Berry, Nutritionist for DIRTEA, reveals how temporarily pausing your supplements can prevent tolerance and optimise the benefits

featured image autumn roundup


13 beauty must-haves for Autumn

Wondering what beauty must-haves are all the rage this season? Healthista has put together 12 beauty products you'll want to add to your check out basket this Autumn - tried and tested

Hot Flush Handbag Essentials - 5 easy ways to keep cool and calm on the go    FEATURED


Hot Flush Handbag Essentials – 5 easy ways to keep cool and calm on the go  

Tackling menopause and hot flushes - when feeling and being hot is really not that hot. Healthista's Charlotte Dormon reveals 5 tried and tested handbag essentials to help overcome a hot flush and keep cool and calm on the go 

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