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PhD woman Greens & Berries

Green powders are huge news for 2015 and this one contains 24 different minerals and vitamins in a single scoop. Love the idea? So do we here at Healthista.

There’s been an array of green powder-age hitting the Healthista office lately and one of our favourites is the new PhD woman Greens and Berries Summer Fruits. Sometimes green powders added to smoothies and juices can give them a distinctly earthy, ponder-waterish taste. This is surprisingly palatable and really does taste like berries. It contains a tonne of superfoods including beetroot, barley and wheat grass and plenty of the high-protein algae spirulina (that’s the top ingredient) and the nutrient CV is impressive and includes Vitamin C for immunity, Iron and folic acid for energy, Vitamin D for bones, biotin for skin and hair and vitamin B6 for healthy hormones.

Available on Amazon PhD Nutrition 300g Greens and Berries Woman Supplement

Price: £21.99

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