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MOTR – the new Pilates workout tool that works your body hard, says Healthista fitness expert Kelly Du Buisson

Personal Trainer and Healthista fitness blogger Kelly Du Buisson reviews the MOTR, a new Pilates workout tool

Pilates is my signature discipline and it’s a discipline I love. I always leave Pilates classes feeling refreshed and believe it really does help to keep me injury free. In my quest to keep my classes fresh and up to date I came across the core reformer, notably the Motr a core reformer from Balanced Body, a US Company specialising in Pilates equipment. The Motr consists of a core tube (much like the foam roller but made from stronger materials) with cable attachments that help to simulate moves such as those performed on the Pilates reformer (a torturous looking cable and pulley mechanism used in traditional Pilates).


The Motr allows Pilates moves to be taken to the next level providing an unstable surface to really engage the core and force the body to align itself correctly in order to balance.

Using the cable attachments we add resistance to build lean muscle and sculpt long limber limbs. With 3 resistance levels any Pilates, agility or strength exercise can be adapted and progressed to spice up your workout.

If I had to pick one essential home workout device it would be this.

If I had to pick one essential home workout device it would be this. Easily packed away and stored there is no end to the full body workouts you can perform on this machine.

Motrs retail at around $300US and are only available from Balanced Body.  At the moment classes are limited to London. Look for one in your local area as popularity is growing. In the meantime check out a couple of my favourite core moves using the Motr and visit Balanced Body to find out more at

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Kelly motr featured

  • Step ups and knee lift Tucking your tailbone towards the floor and standing tall step up onto roller with one foot and lift opposite knee. Alternate at a steady pace to gain balance. Works TVA and abdominal muscles
  • Woodchop Stand with feet on roller holding one strap with both hands. Rotate torso sweeping arms from one hip up to the ceiling, keeping elbows soft but straight. Lower carefully back to side and repeat x 10 on both sides. Works obliques, abdominals, lower back and shoulders.


  • V sit and reach Sitting on the roller with feet  on the floor, hip distance apart, lift the chest and hold a strap in each hand. Exhale to roll back through the spine lowering one vertebrae at a time but lifting chest to pull in belly button. Inhale to lift to sitting and twist reaching one arm across the body and rotating torso to side. Repeat to centre and perform on the other side. Works obliques, TVA and abdominals.

kelly motr 3 sit and reach

  • One hundred Lay on the roller (may need to place a mat under spine if uncomfortable). Lift one leg at a time into table top drawing belly button to spine and taking hold of a strap in each hand.Reach arms to sides and pulse. To progress lift the head and shoulders to look through knees. To progress further extend legs towards the ceiling. Works TVA, abdominals.
  • Scorpion Come onto your front and place one knee onto the roller and both hands onto the top bar to balance. Place other foot into strap and keeping knee bent exhale and push foot towards ceiling driving through the heel. Inhlae to lower knee and repeat x 10 on both sides. Works glutes, abdominals, lower back and shoulder stabilisers.

Kelly motr leg lift

  • Plank and twist Come to the side of the roller and place both hands on bringing shoulders directly over wrists. Extend one leg at a time into a plank position and tucking tailbone under, drawing belly button to spine. Inhale and exhale to draw one knee to the opposite elbow. Inhale to return to centre and repeat.

kelly motr 1

Have fun!

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7minute workoutkelly du buisson headshotKelly Du Buisson is a leading London trainer specialising in short, high intensity workouts that get her clients super-fit, super-fast. She is also the creator of The 7 Minute Workout: The Fastest Way To Shred Fat And Change Your Body Shape For Good, available from Amazon. Tweet her @kellyapf

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