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Having a foot panic? We try a medical pedicure and bring you five reasons it’s better than a standard one


If your feet just don’t look presentable whatever you do to them, you might be in need of a medical pedicure. Zoe Aldman lists the 5 reason why a medipedi is worth the extra expense

I’ve always been embarrassed to bare my feet for a pedicure – I think they’re far more gnarly than the average girl’s and I can rarely face the shame of showing them. Plus, a basic file and lick of varnish surely can’t be enough to transform these talons!

Medipedi’s are the newest pedicure treatment

Luckily, a new breed of pedis are springing up, offering a combination of a medical podiatry consultation with a beauty pedicure – it’s called the medipedi and it can cost five or six times as much as a standard beauty salon pedicure. So what do you get for your added investment? I booked a Dermatology Grade Power Pedicure at Eudelo clinic in Vauxhall to find out.

1. It helps unhappy feet

A basic foot file and swipe of paint isn’t going to have much of an impact on my feet: I’ve always felt they need the attention of a specialist (either a qualified podiatrist or dermatologist). So if your nails are similarly chipped and dry; you have dry, yellow, hard or peeling patches of skin on the soles of your feet; or you’re worried about calluses, corns or fungal nail and skin infections, you should book in for a medipedi.

2. There’s no water

A standard pedicure often involves a foot soak, which softens and swells the skin of the foot making it much easier to slough off dead skin with the foot file. While this sounds good (and a little gross), it can lead to some overzealous or indiscriminate foot filing that may cause more harm than good. Since I’ve been guilty of filing off too much in the bath at home, I was relieved to find that a dermatology grade pedicure is performed on dry feet for more precise filing focusing on areas that truly need attention.

A dermatology grade pedicure is performed on dry feet for more precise filing focusing on areas that truly need attention.

3. Specialist, sterilised equipment is used

All the equipment used is sterile

Those beauty salon nail and foot files don’t always fill me with confidence. But all the equipment at Eudelo is completely sterile (not just disinfected, but sterilised to surgical standards). The equipment is also electrical – all connected to a water-based machine that keeps the dust that flies off nails and feet under control and the environment hygienic. There’s an attachment for filing nails, filing soles and further implements for tidying up cuticles and cleaning under nails.

4. It goes above and beyond

This isn’t a simple shape and polish. First, my feet were cleaned. A hard skin softener was applied to help with the next stages. Nails were cut and shaped, and cuticles tidied up. The soles were then filed with an electrical file that showed my thick skin no mercy. (I didn’t need it, but a blade can also be used to remove any calluses or very thick skin.) Be warned though: not all thick skin to be removed, as heavy filing can cause skin to grow back more thickly, so at Eudelo they are careful not to go too far. Next, any corns are removed and an anti-fungal or antiseptic cream massaged in. My nails got treated to an oil (with anti-fungal). And finally a gentle brightening and collagen-inducing glycolic peel was applied to the tops of my feet, exfoliating the skin for a fresher, sandal-ready appearance.

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5. You might get a prescription

At Eudelo, a doctor is on hand and able to give a prescription for any stubborn fungal nail and skin problems, or other foot problems. And many clients are recommended a high-strength salicylic acid cream to soften the skin in between sessions (ideally, you’d go back every six weeks or so).

feet and hands and a flower, medipedi, by healthista
Sadly, there is no fancy nail polish but you do walk away with soft-fresh feet

I walked away with soft, clean, healthy-looking feet. Sadly there’s no fancy nail polish or delicious-smelling creams (I had to add those at home – to my newly baby-soft feet). But the effects lasted longer than a standard pedicure and I truly felt ready to take to the sun-lounger free of foot shame.

The effects lasted longer than a standard pedicure and I truly felt ready to take to the sun-lounger free of foot shame.


A Dermatology Grade Power Pedicure at Eudelo is £150. Book at

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