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London Wellbeing Festival spotlight: don’t miss the Wellbeing Studio and Festival Spa for the ultimate relaxation experience

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We love a health event at and the London Wellbeing Festival is our haven. April 29th – May 2nd sees the four day extravaganza of wellness at London’s Olympia. Plus, find out how you can get £2 off tickets just because you know us!

Explore the art of relaxation at this year’s London Wellbeing Festival by dropping by some of their special areas. Whether you’re thinking of trying yoga, meditation, or just fancy a swedish massage at the festival’s spa, the London Wellbeing Festival have set up special areas where you can indulge yourself, and experience what ultimate relaxation feels like. Here are two totally zen areas that we can’t wait to explore this year:

The Wellbeing Studio

Included among this year’s FREE special features is the Wellbeing Studio. With classes and taster sessions hosted by some of the UK’s best loved Yoga and Wellbeing teachers.

The Wellbeing Studio allows you to see an eclectic mix of teachers from the world of yoga, tai chi, dance and meditation. Click here for more info.

Some of the workshops that will be taking place over the four day festival include:

Kundalini Sat Kriya Workout


Sat Kriya is a powerful and potent form of self-psychotherapy because of its ability to move energy up through every one of the chakras or energy centers along the spine removing blocks, and balancing the nervous system.

Teacher: Jag Kaley

Day: Friday 29th April

Time: 15:45

Unconditional Self Love: The Key to Healing, Happiness & Peace w/ Bestselling Author Blake D. Bauer


Discover how all suffering is a cry from your soul/subconscious mind asking you to value & accept yourself in every situation. Understand the root cause of all illness & unhappiness.

Teacher: Blake Bauer

Day: Saturday 30th April

Time: 10:54

Asana: Balance with Yoga


In this class we will explore the arm balance and leg balances designed on how the breath can be used for a balance. Mind creates the balance and breath gives you the ability to hold the balance in life and in posture.

Teacher: Yogi Ashokananda

Day: Sunday 1st May

Time: 14:15

Turn Your Mess Into A Message


Learn how to get vulnerable and use your personal story as a tool for massive social change.

Teacher: Addictive Daughter

Day: Monday 2nd May

Time: 13:45

meditation session 2, london wellbeing festival, by healthista
meditation session from last years Wellbeing Festival

London Wellbeing Festival Spa

The London Wellbeing Festival have teamed up with the top therapists in the UK to offer festival goers the perfect oasis of tranquility inside the festival hall. Find sanctuary, relax and unwind in our dedicated Spa Area. Put your wellbeing in the hands of London’s top therapists. The Wellbeing Spa is an immersive celebrations of health and wellbeing nestled on the Exhibition floor. Creating a tranquil hideaway to relax, revitalise and reawaken your senses.

Woman giving massage, london wellbeing festival, by healthista


Reflexology – Reflexology is performed clothed, by applying gentle pressure to areas of the feet, hands or ears (according to your preference) to stimulate all of the body systems. It is a relaxing and effective treatment for stress, physical ailments, on-going problems and general energy rebalancing. a 30 minute taster session will work upon 1 or two specific issues, a full hour long treatment will rebalance all of the body systems for the best overall effect.

Swedish Massage – A stimulating and relaxing massage treatment to relieve knots and tension throughout the body with gentle and consistent massage strokes. A 30 minute treatment will be performed either on the back or legs as required by the client. A full body massage can be performed in an hour long session.

Aromatherapy  the use of essential oils chosen specifically during your consultation to create changes in our bodies and energy fields. It can be performed as a back massage or via the blending of oils, creams, lotions or products to be used after the treatment at home. A 30 minute session can be a consultation and blending session including the making of a product specific to your needs or a 15/20 minute back massage. A full hour long session can include a blending consultation and a full reflexology or back massage treatment using the blended product.

Holistic Facials – A 30 minute facial will determine your correct skin type and products to create radiance and positive skin health via a cleanse, tone and moisturising routine suited to your skin type – with the application of a deep tissue nourishing serum and toning eye gel. A full hour long facial will also include a detoxifying face mask and facial massage with lymph and sinus drainage to reduce fine lines or puffiness.

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