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New vibrator for couples released that’s encrusted with 24 karat gold and erm, comes with remote control – one for the Christmas list

Lelo, a luxury sex toy brand is today releasing the Tiani 24K, a couples’ toy, adorned with 24 karat gold.  That’s right, real gold

Looking for an exciting new gift  for your significant other or even for yourself for Christmas? Have you  considered a gift of of a more sexual nature. No, we aren’t talking about dressing up like a sexy Santa. But what we are talking about is Lelo’s new daring couples sex toy the Tiani 24k.

The smaller, bendable end is slender enough that both it and your partner can fit inside you comfortably

So, what goes where, exactly?

The Tiani is “u” shaped with a  bendable thinner end to be placed inside you while the thicker end rests against your clitoris. The smaller, bendable end is slender enough that both it and your partner can fit inside you comfortably. The whole body of the toy, about the size of  the palm of your hand, vibrates with more concentrated vibrations  at either end.  While the toy itself can manually be turned on and cycle through settings, the Tiani also comes with a  a remote to intensify the sensations. The Tiani can be used inside the bedroom or outside it for a more daring sexy adventure.

the thicker end rests against your clitoris and the eight different vibration settings can be controlled by remote

Tiani Black. Lelo Tiani Vibrrator. by healthista

While Lelo has released several version of the Tiani previously, the Tiani 24k is the newest in their continued pursuit of luxury products. The normal Tiani has a plain metal silver band in the middle where the button are located but on the Tiani 24k, the band is made of 24 karat gold. What could be better for a luxury gift than one that satisfies physically and emotionally. This sex toy is a work of art.

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For first time use, sync up the Lelo toy and the remote by pressing the buttons on each device simultaneously.  If you want the remote’s vibrations to be deactivated so the toy is manual use only, just press the power button on the remote for a full 5 seconds and it should turn off and to lock the remote press down the + and – at the same time.

Tiani 24k by

To use the Tiani manually, just press the button on the elegant gold band of the toy and cycle through the different settings. There are 8 different vibration settings with speed adjustable via the remote. Moving the remote’s dial can create unique sensation powers to mix things up and drive you wild in the bedroom or outside it. After a 2 hr charge via USB, the Tiani is ready for hours of fun.

The best foreplay I’ve ever had with my guy

What have users said?

One of the reviewers on the Lelo website for the Tiana 3 said ‘The best foreplay I’ve ever had with my guy – and we’ve been together for over 10 years.’   All the other reviews seem to agree with the first one, elaborating on the variety of private and public situations in  which this toy could be used and exclaiming how it changed date nights forever.

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This sex toy even comes with a form of insurance, couples insurance that is. If the relationship  the toy was purchased for breaks up in under a year from the date of purchase,  Lelo will replace the Tiani with a toy of the buyer’s choice. How is that for amazing customer service.

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