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Hair guru reveals 5 rules for healthy, shiny hair

hairdressers guide to healthy, shiny hair MAIN

Want a 5 step way to healthy, shiny hair? It’s your lucky day – hair Loss Specialist, nutritionist and best-selling author Simone Thomas shares her expertise 

Our scalp is an extension of our face so it’s pretty important that we take good care of it just as we do daily with a skin care routine.

We will easily spend £80 to £150 on face products and make up, but how often do we actually treat ourselves to professional hair and scalp products?

Or how often do we invest in supplements that have been especially formulated and designed to protect your hair and scalp health?

healthy shiny hair scalp

If you are looking to get your hair as shiny and healthy as it can be, here are few simple lifestyle changes that can make all the difference to the health of your hair and scalp.

Here are five tips to incorporate into your daily routine…

Rule #1 Hydrate

Yes, it’s nothing new but water (filtered or from a glass bottle), is so important in the quest for healthy skin, scalp and hair. It helps replenish skin tissue, follicles and the actual hair growth.

Water is fuel for the body – think of your body as a fine tuned car which without the correct fuel or oil it just wont start or run as you need it to.

What’s more, water hydrates your body, your organs and your circulatory system and is a key source of minerals which are important for healthy hair growth.

Make sure you drink at least two litres a day and your hair will shine and your complexion will glow.

hairdressers guide to healthy, shiny hair stay hydrated woman drinking water

Rule #2 Protect

Nothing feels better than the sun on our skin and body – but it’s also the cause of 90 per cent of wrinkles as well as scalp burns and hair follicle damage.

Choose a hair care range that not only protects against hot styling tools but also protects against UVA rays (the ones that age us) and UVB rays (those responsible for skin cancer).

Skin and hair protection should be as important as brushing your teeth daily!

For my hair I use Davines SU Hair Milk  and on my face I use a SPF50 tinted moisturiser all year round.

Rule #3 Relax

Easier said than done right? But not only is stress bad news for overall skin health and hair growth, it messes with your hormones which can lead to breakouts and to disrupted hair growth cycles over a long period of time),

Lack of sleep is also bad news when it comes to hair and skin health.  Our body, hair and skin rejuvenates itself at night, so aim for at least eight hours shut-eye.

Our body, hair and skin rejuvenates itself at night

There is nothing more welcoming than a beautiful hotel room, with a comfy bed, fluffy pillows and no clutter. To help you sleep, try to make your bedroom area inviting and perfect for relaxation, sleeping and sex – for when it’s on the menu!

For those that have limited time and feeling worn out, get into the habit setting aside a portion of your day to distress (for me it is when my boys go to bed at 7pm).

I will have a Epsom bath or I will dim the lights and put on nice some music on and light some candles. It doesn’t matter what helps you relax, just make sure you are doing so.

There are some great mindfulness apps which allow you escape the pressures of everyday life and I love Pilates or a bedtime Yoga app for its meditative nature.

hairdressers guide to healthy, shiny hair relax in a bath

Rule #4 Nourish

Pay attention to what you are putting into your body. It’s not rocket science – eat rubbish and, chances are, you’ll look and feel like rubbish.

Your hair needs a lot of minerals, vitamins and nutrients so make sure you are fuelling your body daily for energy but also for general health and for it to flourish.

eat rubbish and, chances are, you’ll look and feel like rubbis

Aim for a rainbow assortment of organic fresh fruit and veg, lean protein, oily fish (salmon is amazing for the skin and hair) and skin-friendly snacks like brazil nuts (rich in selenium) and watermelon (rich in lycopene which fights ageing and sun damage).

For those in need to detoxify the body and improve on their general wellbeing then look at our Super Greens which are Soil Association & Vegan Certified. Expertly formulated to support your immune system and detoxify.

hairdressers guide to healthy, shiny hair eat nourishing food salmon

Rule #5 Boost

Topical beauty products are important, but they can only do so much.

Nourishing your skin from within is also important, and my Skinquencher is an easy route to great looking skin, healthy hair and scalp.

Packed with hydrolysed marine collagen, plus essential vitamins, this easy-to-use powder is simply added to water for a daily shot of skin-plumping goodness.

While taken in conjunction with a balanced diet, the SkinQuencher will work to:

  • Contains 18 amino acids
  • Prevents hair follicle damage
  • Helps to protect and strengthen your hair and scalp
  • Promotes healthy & refreshed looking skin
  • Improve sagging skin
  • Promote and support natural collagen production in skin
  • Reveal younger looking skin
  • Protect against harmful UV rays
  • Boost the immune system

Simone Thomas headshot

Simone Thomas Wellness is founded by Simone Thomas who is a leading hair loss consultant who is qualified in trichology. Simone is also a registered nutritionist and wellness expert and the founder and owner of multi award-winning hair salons and hair loss clinics in London, Bournemouth and Dorset.

Simone has built an enviable reputation for providing expert guidance on all non-surgical hair loss and scalp conditions, with clients visiting from all over the UK and abroad.

Simone Thomas is recognised worldwide within the hair loss industry for diagnosing and treating various hair and scalp conditions on men, women, children and has a number of celebrity clients.

Simone has recently launched her new book Healthy Hair, Happy Body – a healthy living bible covering all that you need to know in order to live well, which we feel is particularly relevant right now and something that people are searching for. The book has become an Amazon best-seller.

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