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Gut Health & The Microbiome: The Nutritionist’s Guide – Part TWO

Gut Health & The Microbiome The Nutritionist's Guide Part TWO MAIN

Gut health and the microbiome – Nutritionist Rick Hay reveals Healthista’s tried and tested Gut Friendly Products 

You may be wondering how you can tell if your microbiome is in good shape.

In the first instance listen to what your body is trying to tell you, if you experience bloating, excessive flatulence, burping or heartburn for example it could be that your microbiome is out of whack.

If you want to delve deeper into microbiome health you can look to do some testing. No more guess work, these types of tests can be a terrific short cut to optimal microbiome health.

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Gut Health & The Microbiome The Nutritionist's Guide Part TWO

Gut Health Test #1 ZOE

The Zoe at-home test helps you to get the whole picture: gut health, blood sugar & blood fat.

Using deep shotgun sequencing, Zoe can identify specific ‘good’ and ‘bad’ gut bugs that are linked to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ metabolic health.

You even get to eat scientific muffins which will provide in-depth insights into your unique metabolism! How does it work? Test, Learn, Apply and Thrive.

It is pretty simple, once you have downloaded the ZOE app and have completed your tests you will receive both metabolic health insights and gut health insights. You then know your response to carbs and fats as well as all about your good and bad bugs.

You receive your ZOE score which will help you to understand how much your microbiome supports your metabolic health and the maintenance of healthy weight.

Best of all you are guided you through your results and will learn you how to apply them with ease as you go through your program.

The results were extremely in depth and super helpful in terms of understanding your gut microbiome and where you compare on the spectrum.

The part that we loved the most was that the app scientifically and accurately predicts how you respond to different foods based on your blood results.

the app scientifically and accurately predicts how you respond to different foods

Where you can input foods you eat it will tell you how your blood sugar levels react to that food, along with your blood fat response and your overall gut health impact – you can even scan products, which helps guide you to the right foods that feed your ‘good bugs’ helping you to stay healthy and at your optimal weight.

You get two in depth reports and a session with a specialist to take you through it. A personal gut microbiome insight report, which explains everything about your good and bad bugs and how that effects you and how you compare on the spectrum, along with your gut boosters and suppressors via the personalised in app food plan.

An insight report into your dietary inflammation profile, which tells you all about your blood sugar and fat levels and how to manage its response and boost your gut bacteria when eating different foods

ZOE recommends an array of personalised gut boosting foods to help increase the prevalence of good health linked bacteria – you even learn how to get rid of bad bacteria by starving them out!

This is eating 2023 – eating for your unique biology where science helps you to stabilise blood sugar & fat levels and boost your beneficial gut bacteria.

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Gut Health & The Microbiome The Nutritionist's Guide Part TWO woman eating gut friendly food

Gut Health Test #2 Kalla, £179

Testing with Kalla was super easy and straight to the point, all it took was just a stool sample.

The Kalla at-home test is a simple way to get to know your gut health status, helping you make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle, based on your unique gut composition.

Kalla use labs at the Medical University of Vienna, which provides access to the most modern technologies (16S Next-Generation DNA Sequencing) – this means they are able to analyse over 1500 different bacterial species, including non-culturable bacteria.

you will receive dietary and lifestyle advice to support both your microbial health and overall well-being

In short, Kalla microbiome tests are scientifically recognised. Based on your microbial composition and nutritional profile you will receive dietary and lifestyle advice to support both your microbial health and overall well-being.

It is then pretty simple – you make the necessary changes and reap the gut health rewards.

Kalla give you the option to delve even deeper into gut health by looking into their Gut Guide on their website – here you will learn more about prebiotics, probiotics, microbiome research and factors that influence microbiome health.

They also offer microbiome solutions that target gut relief, immune health, repair and ultimate gut health.

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Gut Health & The Microbiome The Nutritionist's Guide Part TWO probiotics

Healthista’s Tried & Tested Gut Hero Products…

Gut Friendly Product#1 MOJU Drinks

MOJU is your delicious way of getting around your gut health and keeping you hydrated – seven sensational mixes of home made cold pressed juices to delight your palate and cleanse your gut.

A prebiotic drink that is refreshing to the senses and works a treat on the gut to get things moving.

Natural plant fibre, daily prebiotic shots that support your gut health and your immune system in an array of flavours that are low in natural sugar and pack a punch that is straight from the source.

‘There are trillions of microbes that call your gut home and keeping them happy is integral to your health,’ says Ross Austen, nutrition & research lead at MOJU.

There are trillions of microbes that call your gut home

‘The microbes have several functions; including making vitamins, maintaining a well functioning immune system, creating energy and may even improve your mood via the gut brain axis.

‘As the UK Prebiotics market itself is rapidly growing, MOJU has expanded the Prebiotic Range with our latest launch Tropical Prebiotic.

‘Expertly created to support immune and digestive health by encouraging a healthier and more diverse gut microbiome, Tropical Prebiotic bridges the gap between flavour-first, plant-powered and gut friendly products’.

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Gut Friendly Product #2 VSL Fibre

VSL# Fibre is a true miracle product. Taken with water first thing in the morning, it gives you a fast and effective toilet session, as this high fibre dual chamber powder facilitates an easy intestinal transit for a super healthy bowel movement – relieving constipation and replenishing your gut microbiota.

Filled with psyllium husk and 30 Billion live cultures across 8 different bacterial strains, it is super powerful, natural and effective way to cleanse and empty your bowels and get rid of that bloated feeling.

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Gut Friendly Product #3 CytoProtect® Range from Cytoplan

Prebiotics go hand-in-hand with probiotics. Prebiotics are what probiotics can feed off to help them thrive. They increase populations of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

The CytoProtect® range from Cytoplan, is backed by a combination of scientific and clinical research, and clinical experience.

PreBio RESTORE, £40

This supplement provides a blend of mixed prebiotic fibre which contribute to a diverse microbiome, whilst supporting healthy bowel habits.

Prebiotics are what probiotics can feed off to help them thrive

CytoProtect GI Tract, £40

GI Tract is a synergistic multi-nutrient, botanical and live native bacteria (probiotic) formula.

It contains zinc, copper, vitamin A and vitamin D along with Bacillus coagulans, lactoferrin, slippery elm, marshmallow root powder, apple pectin and quercetin.

Vegan Biotic, £37.50

And something for the vegans. Vegan Biotic is a vegan probiotic powder containing eight strains of live native bacteria (probiotics) in powder form, providing three billion live bacteria per teaspoon.

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