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How a full moon affects you PLUS 8 ways to live our lives by the moon to be happier


As we approach the full moon on Saturday, lawyer turned life coach, Ezzie Spencer maps out the 8 phases of the moon and shows us how following each one can make us happier

People often share with me their deeply felt connection with the Moon. Many tell me that subtly tuning into the Moon’s cycle has been impactful, insightful and meaningful for them, physically and emotionally. Their experiences echo my own.

My lunar practice developed many years ago. Feeling like something very important was missing in my hyper-intellectual world – I was first a lawyer then an academic, with a doctorate in women’s well being and justice – I began journalling. I soon noticed a correlation between my feelings (literally, the physical sensations I was experiencing) and the Moon’s phases. Through a process of trial and error, I mapped out a personal guide to the Moon’s cycle and how to work with it to best effect us.


It was hard to ignore the benefits I found in my life. By tuning into my body’s needs more closely a chronic knee injury improved significantly, I felt mentally sharper, stress fell away and my creativity levels went through the roof. The tangible evidence was manifest, too. I was producing more work, earning more money and eventually, became able to support myself doing something I truly loved. Most of all, I became happier. I can honestly say I’m living my dream.

I call this practice Lunar Abundance. My new book, Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose using the Phases of the Moon, will show you how to practice it at home – how to work with the cycles of the moon to encourage abundance in your own life.

This shining orb has inspired literature, poetry, song, and dance: all things creative

Why the Moon?

Interest in the Moon is not a modern phenomenon. As one of Earth’s luminaries, her lineage is ancient. This shining orb has captured the imagination of lovers and makers through the ages, and has inspired literature, poetry, song, and dance: all things creative and artisan. The mythology of the Moon can be found in cultures around the world, represented by goddesses fierce and deadly, wild and potent, sexual and virginal.

If one accepts this link between the Moon and the concept of femininity, it’s hardly surprising that interest in her influence is growing, as appreciation in Western culture for traditionally ‘feminine’ qualities – collaboration over competition, soft power over force, community-building, interdependence – also grows. I work with a growing community of thousands of women worldwide who reflect this interest by embracing a lunar practice.

8 moon phase mantras to live by

Create a life of abundance by doing things during yang lunar phases and being a certain way during yin phases. You can discover what moon phase your’re currently in by downloading my free planner. It will automatically track each phase of the moon for the whole year and work alongside the book to help you create a more peaceful and effective life.


For each New Moon, set a thematic, positive, feeling-based intention for that lunar cycle. Make it just about you. For example, do you want to invite romance into your life, expand your circle of friends or find a career direction?

Your activity during these eight moon phases will be guided by these mantras:

New Moon (yang): ‘I set my intention. I feel my intention in my body.’

Now, we spend time reconnecting with our bodies by tuning into physical sensations. You may even choose to hold your own New Moon Ceremony.

Crescent Moon (yin): ‘I relax into my intention. I breathe.’

The ultimate permission slip to slow down. It’s also time to discover exactly what level of activity means ‘relaxing’ for you – it’s different for everyone.

First Quarter Moon (yang): ‘I take discerning action to support my intention.’

It’s time to take discerning action to achieve your New Moon intention by working out your priorities and non-negotiables.

Gibbous Moon (yin): ‘I trust that the perfect intention is coming into form at the perfect time.’

Now we pause and examine our relationship with the notion of trust, and expand our ability to sit with discomfort, uncertainty and mystery.

Full Moon (yang): ‘I move ahead with my intention now’ OR ‘I accept that my intention was not for the best at this time. I realise it, and I course-correct now.’

Here we take wise action informed by our intuition. It’s also a time to release whatever has been holding us back from success in the past. A Full Moon Ceremony is a powerful way to do this.


Disseminating Moon (yin): ‘I feel grateful that my intention is coming into form in the perfect way. I receive with gratitude.’

What gifts are we now beginning to receive? Do we recognise them when we see them? And are we receiving our gifts discerningly and with gratitude?

Third Quarter Moon (yang): ‘Now that I am receiving my intention, I give back from a place of abundance.’

A reminder of the power of connection and collaboration, it’s time to give back in heartfelt and generous gestures that honour our role as a small part of a much bigger whole.

Balsamic Moon (yin): ‘I reflect with thanks. I rest. I restore.’

Set aside time, no matter how short, just to be. Look back on what you have achieved. What will you do differently next time? Remember, another lunar cycle is just around the corner.

Ezzie-Spencer-photo-Moon-phase-living-8-ways-this-former-lawyer-says-using-the-moon-can-make-you-happier-healthistaEzzie Spencer was a lawyer working in government and non-profit sectors. She earned her PhD in women’s well being in the justice process. Spencer’s work blends ancient wisdom with modern science, as she has given keynote speeches and developed her own one-on-one coaching programs. She lives in Sydney, Australia and can be heard on her iTunes podcast – Lunar Abundance. Find more about Ezzie on her website.








Ezzie Spencer’s new book Lunar Abundance is £14.99 on Amazon





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