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EXCLUSIVE: We talk to swimwear and lingerie model Hannah Saul about diet and exercise as she launches new fitness app

This week, Healthista had an exclusive opportunity to  interview Australian supermodel Hannah Saul about her work, her dedication to fitness and and to a healthy lifestyle – as she launches HanxFit, her new app

Hannah Saul, 25, has been a big name in the Australian modeling industry for the past seven years having modelled for the likes of Jets, Nookie and Bendon Lingerie Campaigns.

Lorna-Jane-Campaign. Hannah Saul article. By Healthista

As a model, Hannah has always been conscious of her health and fitness. In 2013, Hannah started posting her workouts, health tips, and favourite ways to eat well on Instagram where she gained quite a following. Most recently, Hannah was inspired by her followers on Instagram to launched a fitness app called HanxFit with six different workouts and nutrition and goal tracking software.HxF-Android-01

HanxFit  offers one free body weight workout and several other workouts including kettle bells and abs work for £2.99 each. Considering the detail in which Hannah walks through each exercise, and how she explains exactly what muscles are being worked, we consider this to be a fair price, certainly cheaper than going to a gym.

When you open the app, there are six different workouts you can choose from including body weight, abs and kettlebells. The body weight workout is free but the other five you have to pay for.  The app walks you through the workout with pictures depicting each step of every exercise along with written instructions.

Not only does the app guide your weight training but also tracks nutrition, daily cardio, and helps you set goals, telling you when you have reached them. The app was inspired by the people on Hannah’s Instagram who always wanted to know more about her workouts. Hannah, herself, does workouts 2-3 times a week from her own app, which shows you just how good it is. While you have to pay a bit for some of the workouts, the app is easy to navigate and motivates you to work hard and do well. If you are in the market for a new fitness app, consider checking hers out.

We had a chance to find out more about Hannah and her fitness in a recent interview:

Q: Who have you modeled for?

A: Jets Swimwear, Lorna Jane, Sunseeker, Nookie, Bendon Lingerie, Jets Active, Myer.

Hannah_Lion. Hannah Saul Interview. By Healthista


Q: What happens in a typical workout week? What does you do each day?Hannah Saul boxing. Hannah Saul Interview. By Healthista

A: I start every day with a 5-10km walk or run. My gym training always depends on where I am in the
world and what I have on with work. A week for me at home in Sydney is 2-3 strength and body weight sessions a week from my app, 1-2 pilates classes, 3-4 HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) sessions.


Q:  What does you usually eat? How does it differ on a  day before a runway show day? Are there any foods you avoid?

A: My diet is quite simple – I have my carbs in the day. Breakfast is usually boiled eggs and toast with avocado or muesli with Coyo yogurt and fresh fruit. Lunch is salad and meat or a light pasta. Dinner is steamed vegetables with seafood or meat. I avoid refined carbs; I always try to make my own meals so I know exactly what is going in each meal. It doesn’t differ too much when I am on a job as I need energy to sustain me so carbs in the morning and a lighter lunch.

fish and veggies. Hanna Saul Interview. By Healthista

Q: What health food can you not live without?

A: I LOVE my avocados fresh with lemon and pepper on toast of a morning. I throw chia seeds in one of my on the go smoothies after a workout. I love adding Psyllium Husks to my oats and juices as its great extra fibre in my diet. 

avocado. Hannah Saul Interview. By Healthista

Candice Swanepoel. Hannah Saul Interview. By Healthista
Candice Swanepoel, Supermodel
Q: Who is your health inspiration?

A: Candice Swanepoel is a Victoria’s Secret Model and that is a goal of mine, something I would love to do. I’ve always admired Candice – she’s strong, confident and gorgeous. 

Q: How do you quickly loose weight before a show?

A:I don’t find I have to really drop weight for a show. My body is consistent throughout the year as I do a lot of swimwear work. I do although tighten up my diet and drink lots of water.

Q: What is one beauty product she can’t live without?

A: YSL touche eclat Highlighting PenI love my YSL as it keeps my skin radiant and still natural looking. YSL is a low maintenance beauty solution that helps me with my busy schedule.

YSL touche eclat. HAnnah Saul interview. By Healthista






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Check out Hannah on twitter @MsHannahSaul  and on Instagram at Hanxfit.

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