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Exactly what happens during colonic irrigation plus 3 myths to ignore

Exactly what happens during colonic irrigation plus 3 myths to ignore MAIN

For World Digestive Health Day, Healthista looks into exactly how colonic irrigation works to help bloating, gas and IBS. Plus we find out 3 common myths associated with colonics 

Calling all suffers of IBS, a leaky gut, constipation, bloating, painful gas, bad diet habits, stress and burn out…

To most people, a tube going into their bottom is a rather uncomfortable thought.

The world of colonics has been around for quite some time, yet many of us still view colonic irrigation as a taboo treatment that you daren’t admit to experiencing.

many of us still view colonic irrigation as a taboo treatment

It may be an unspoken about treatment these days, but colonic irrigation was believed to be such an indispensable part of human health that in ancient Egypt, documents from 1600 to 1550 BCE explain that pharaohs were assigned a health care servant whose specific task was to ritually conduct the pharaohs’ enemas.

Well if it’s good enough for a pharaoh then surely the benefits of such a treatment are worth looking into?

colonic irrigation gut health intestines

What is colonic hydrotherapy?

‘For those who are unsure colonic irrigation – also known as colon hydrotherapy – is the safe, gentle and effective method of removing accumulated waste, stored fecal matter, mucus, parasites and toxic substances from the body, which involves the slow introduction of warm, purified water into the colon via the rectum’, explains Oksana Chuhraeva, a professional certified and registered colon therapist.

When the colon is blocked with toxic waste that gets crammed into the little pockets of the colon, it is extremely hard to keep a regular bowl movement and for your bowl to be able to absorb the good flora and good probiotics.

With the removal of the old waste through colonic hydrotherapy, there will be a better chance of long-term colonisation of the bowel flora along with a healthy diet further encouraging the good bacteria.

Not only that, but the rapid emptying not only flattens the midsection and reduces bloating, but removes pressure from the skin and sinuses.

Cleaning this out naturally with our excretion function does not always work well. In fact, for people who’s digestive system works without them having to think about it, they can never comprehend the daily struggles of those who don’t have the ease of this most natural and necessary function, this is where colonic irrigation can help save the day.

an extremely high number of patients coming and complaining about their gut health

‘When it comes to IBS and other digestion issues, too many people suffer in silence, a sector in health that is still not properly covered or diagnosed, with millions of people struggling daily to no avail,’ explains Oksana.

‘Back in 2001, whilst working in a GP surgery with my mother, we saw an extremely high number of patients coming and complaining about their gut health, with everything from IBS to severe constipation and bloating.

‘I fist learned of colonic hydrotherapy when friend of mine mentioned how amazing it had been in helping her with regulating her bowel movements and overall gut health.

‘After hearing this my mother and I decided to try it out for ourselves, but soon discovered how difficult it was to find any colonic hydrotherapy clinics in London.

‘We eventually discovered Dr Milo Siewert, the founder of ARCH Colonic Association and the father of colonic hydrotherapy in the UK, and after taking his colonic hydrotherapy course we opened our very first clinic – Chatsworth Clinic – in 2003.

‘Since then we have treated many clients with gut health problems caused due to stress, as well as clients looking to improve their gut health in order to lose weight’.

What are the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy?

  • Stimulates peristaltic action – helping the colon regulate its function
  • Reduces pressure in the intra-abdominal area – gas elimination
  • Expels parasites
  • Improves metabolism
  • Relives gynaecological disorders
  • Sliming due to bloat relief
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Clearer skin
  • Exercise the colon muscle – reactivating them to work better
  • You feel lighter, with increased energy and mental clarity

colonic irrigation benefits bloating stress IBS

Despite the list of benefits many people are still sceptical when it comes to colonics. Healthista asked Oksana to debunk the common myths surrounding colonic hydrotherapy…

Myth #1 You’ll loose good bacteria as well as bad bacteria

It is impossible to wash out the good or bad bacteria from the colon as it is scientifically proven that all types of gut flora restores it self typically within 24/48 hours. It also restores in the same proportions.

Oksana can even repopulate more of the good bacteria by using a probiotic implant, following your colonic. Just like we wash our skin and clean our teeth and the bacteria repopulates within hours, the same goes for the colon.

I’m not saying you need a daily colonic but monthly visits sure do help to keep your colon functioning in top shape.

Myth #2 You could suffer a perforated colon

This is a total myth. Only a sharp object can cause tares in the colon. Our colon is like a thick rubber tyre and using gentle water pressure with the gravity colonic irrigation system cannot do it any harm.

Our colon is super strong and can hold 7 to 10kg of waste. Even if I overflow the colon with water it will just leak back out from the rectum.

Myth #3 Your bowels will get used to the colonic and stop working independently

Again quite the opposite, regular colonics actually restore regular bowel movements. They keep the colon clean and prevent it from going sluggish.

Waste is built up on the walls of the colon and also sits within the pockets that are even harder to get, so cleaning this thoroughly actually wakes the system up again and makes it work more efficiently. The fuller the colon the slower it works as it cannot contract properly.

The colonic induces those contractions therefore re-stimulating the system, so everything pushes through that much easier.

If food stays in you for longer than 48 hours it becomes toxic and enters the blood stream, when we keep the colon clean on a regular basis it works better to excrete this food quickly and prevents symptoms of bloating and IBS.

colonic irrigation woman on toiled digestion help

What happens during the treatment?

Healthista sent someone to try the treatment out for themselves, and of course they were in the best hands with Oksana at The Happy Colon Clinic. With almost two decades of experience Oksana has seen it all, but here is what happened during 36-year-old Kay’s visit…

‘During the treatment you lay down, removing bottom garments only with a towel placed over your lower half to preserve modesty. The slipping of the tube into your rectum (using plenty of lubricant) is a fast and painless procedure, just relax into it,’ explains Kay.

‘Water enters the human body through a speculum attached to a tube that is attached to a tank filled with water. The tank is positioned around 600mm above the point of entry, water then gently flows down the tube under the force of gravity.

you can even feel your lower stomach going down as you empty, getting rid of all that bloat and gas

‘Oksana uses the closed system, with all the equipment being disposable and sterile. You will begin to feel the water enter gently, using several fills and releases. Oksana intuitively knows when the bowels are ready to release so you are always comfortable.

‘The sensation is just like going to the toilet multiple times. The water temperature varies and gets warmer to make sure all the faecal matter is broken down fully and comes out with ease.

‘The colonic is able to reach and eliminate waste from all areas of the large intestine. The emptying feels amazingly freeing and you can even feel your lower stomach going down as you empty, getting rid of all that bloat and gas.

‘At first there may be a lot of gas coming through before you get to the faecal matter. It honestly feels amazing when it all starts coming out, with an instant lightness.

‘The procedure is completely painless and if you wish you can even have a mirror pointed at a special angle where you can see everything that is coming out. I find this super useful, as there is nothing more satisfying than getting rid of stored toxic waste.

An average session lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes

‘Occasionally the therapist may massage your stomach to aid further release and help to soften faecal matter and hardened deposits on walls of the colon. The procedure gives the sensation of being filled up with water pressure gently, followed by the urge to go to the toilet, followed by the release.

‘Oksana knows exactly every stage of the procedure based on the faecal matter than is being eliminated, so she can tell when you are fully cleansed or what needs to be done next to get into those little pockets or a deeper dive into the colon, to make sure no stone has been left unturned.

‘What is most amazing is that one colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having 20 or 30 regular bowel movements. An average session lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

‘For more severe cases a course of colonics may be required to fully unblock the system and get it going again with approx 3-6 treatments with breaks of four to seven days in between’.

Prices start from £95 per session, with a course of 3 session plus a coffee implant starting at £270

colonic irrigation women taking probiotics for digestion

What happens after the treatment?

Try and avoid wine, beer or champagne straight after your treatment to not block up the system again and stick with a healthy wholegrain diet without the refined carbs to maintain the benefits.

Please also avoid using laxatives, they may cause spasms in the colon and can actually harm normal bowel function long-term.

As we now know the bacteria in your body performs some essential functions for the bodies optimal health and survival. It is important to support your body and receive enough probiotic goodness to maintain a good balance between the good and bad bacteria in our gut.

That is why probiotic supplements or probiotic implants are strongly advised after a colonic irrigation treatment.

Healthista tried and tested the almighty 450 Billion Bacteria per sachet probiotic, that is VSL#3® one of the world’s most concentrated poly-biotic.

Scientific research confirms that VSL#3® has the highest volume of bacteria amongst leading brands to keep your digestive systems heathy.

probiotic supplements or probiotic implants are strongly advised after a colonic irrigation treatment

VSL#3 is a food supplement with live freeze-dried bacteria that feed the good bugs in your gut. VSL#3 contains a wide variety of bacterial strains, delivering 450 billion good bacteria across 8 different strains in every sachet.

Each of the different strains has been specifically selected and then freeze-dried so they will survive the harsh conditions of the stomach. This allows them to reach and colonise the gut, where they help maintain a healthy digestive system.

All you have to do is keep VSL#3 in the fridge and mix a sachet in a non-fizzy cold drink. You can take up to four sachets a day, with a continuous maintenance of one a day, with a recommended use of approximately three a month to see a real difference.

They are fantastic for de-bloating and over all good gut health and regular bowel movements. VSL#3 does NOT contain any soy, gluten, lactose, colourings, flavourings or milk products.


Oksana Chuhraeva is a professional certified and registered therapist.

A full member of the Ozone Society and Association Registered Colon Hydrotherapists and a
member of ARCH, trained in England under Dr. Milo Siewert, founder of ARCH – Colonic Association.

With over 17 years of experience in the field of colon hydrotherapy in a range of London clinics, Oksana is an expert in nutrition, gut health, and holistic medicine.

Alongside colon hydrotherapy, she offers complementary treatments such as Ozone Therapy, the latest in therapeutic detox treatments.

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