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Weight Loss

9 healthy diet myths making you fat

Healthy diet soundbytes such as sugar-free is best or eat your five a day might need a rethink, editor Anna Magee discovered 

Weight Loss

11 fast fat loss secrets from this world-leading fitness retreat

Sharon Walker’s week at the Body Camp in Mallorca transformed her mind and her body. Here’s what she learned

How to do Atkins for weight loss FEATURED (1)
Weight Loss

Doing the Atkins diet to lose weight? These 11 diet swaps make it easier

How to get maximum weight loss with minimum hunger when you go low-carb from nutritionist Linda O'Byrne

Can’t lose weight_ You might be missing the metabolism mineral FEATURED
Weight Loss

Can’t lose weight? You might be missing this crucial metabolism mineral

If you can't shift the pounds despite doing everything by the book to lose weight, you might be low in iodine. Editor Anna Magee reports

Weight Loss

What really happens in a slimming club

Slimming World have opened a supermarket that encourages people to make healthier choices. Lydia Jones - who lost two stone - explains how it changed everything for her 

Weight Loss

How to lose weight for good – ONE thing this world-leading expert says to do

Habits change expert Dr Heather McKee has a life-changing piece all serial dieters need to read

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