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The Mayr Method Diet – Healthista tries Rebel Wilson approved detox at Park Igls Medical Spa

The Mayr Method Diet - what is it and how it works SLIDER

Healthista visits Park Igls Medical Spa Resort in Austria, to try the world-famous Modern Mayr Method Detox Diet approved by celebrities such as Rebel Wilson. Here are the 9 detox rules

Situated in its own park in the sunny mountains of Austria, enveloped in the beauty of its surroundings, sits a Medical Spa Resort in Innsbruck, historic capital of the Austrian Tyrol.

Healthista visited Park Igls Medical Spa Resort for a much-needed detox with our 7-day stay packed full of treatments and leisurely activities, that cleanse, re-educate and re-sets your body and mind.

the diet has recently seen itself back in the spotlight thanks to actor Rebel Wilson

Filled with patients that keep come back year after year to the home of Modern Mayr Medicine, a friendly professional team offers personalised exercise, diet and treatment programmes.

Modern Mayr Medicine is exclusive to Park Igls. Mayr programmes are available in a number of clinics but without medical substitution.

Modern Mayr Medicine is only available at Park Igls, which includes all aspects of health and wellness such as cleansing, education, exercise, substitution, self discovery, rest and relaxation.

The detox programme is based around the Mayr Method Diet principles that have been around for more than a century, the diet has recently seen itself back in the spotlight thanks to actor Rebel Wilson. According to People, Rebel’s 2020 weight-loss goals stemmed from a trip to a Mayr clinic in 2019. There, Rebel developed a brand new fitness routine and saw ‘amazing results’.


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How exactly do Mayr resorts and clinics like Park Igls help clients like Rebel kick-start a weight loss journey, you ask?

The Modern Mayr Medicine programme at Park Igls helps its guests through a signature detox that involves certain spa treatments, mental health sessions, and a thorough diet and fitness revamp.

The principles of the Mayr Method come from a diet and lifestyle plan developed by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr, an Austrian physician, in the 1920s.

improving your gut health is key to promoting weight loss and health

When followed, the Modern Mayr Method Diet promises to help you ‘revamp your health and feel years younger’. The program is based on the idea that improving your gut health is key to promoting weight loss and health.

This diet focuses on optimizing gut health through a combination of mindful eating, portion control, a focus on alkaline foods, and exclusion of certain foods deemed inflammatory, such as sugar, dairy, gluten and caffeine.

The Modern Mayr Method also goes beyond dietary protocols and suggests lifestyle interventions, such as reducing screen time, going to bed earlier, and getting more sleep.

mayr method diet park igls rebel wilson detox

Although the plan is designed to be followed for just 14 days, many of the practices are intended to become long-term habits to support overall health.

Dr Peter Gartner, medical director at Park Igls gave us our initial examination to determine a plan of action and to discuss any health issues and additional treatments we needed to optimise our detox.

We were given our programme and we’re incredibly excited for what we had in store – massages, personal training sessions, full body exfoliation, abdominal wraps, detox compresses and much more.

Along with delicious organic food, a beautiful facilities including a pool, sauna, steam room and a gym with panoramic mountain views, Healthista learnt long-term healthy detox tips we could incorporate into our everyday lives. Here’s what we learnt…

Detox Rule #1 Stay Hydrated

The first (and most important) step in detoxifying your body is to drink enough water.

Significant hydration levels are essential in relapsing toxins from the body’s connective and fatty tissues and into the bloodstream, where they can be expelled via the liver and kidneys.

What’s more, hydration is a precondition for metabolic function, and can even help to curb hunger pangs.

The recommended water intake depends on your bodyweight, around one litre per 20kg of bodyweight, but as a general rule people should aim to drink two to three litres of water per day.

Significant hydration levels are essential in relapsing toxins from the body’s connective and fatty tissues

For example, people who weigh up to 50kg need to drink at least two litres per day, people who weigh over 50kg require at least 3 litres per day and anyone with a bodyweight of more than 90kg’s should drink at least four litres per day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are advised to meet your daily liquid intake by later afternoon. Why? So that you’re not up in the middle of the night desperate for the toilet; you need to sleep with as little disturbance as possible – but more on that later.

Interestingly, the liver works most efficiently between 1am and 3am, filtering toxins out of the blood.

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mayr method diet stay hydrated rebel wilson detox

Detox Rule #2 Start your day with Bitter Water (to be used short-term)

Another way to promote detoxification via the liver gallbladder and gut is to start your morning with Bitter Water aka Epsom Salts. That’s Magnesium sulphate (= Epsom salt = MgSO4*7H2O).

Around half an hour before breakfast, add your Epsom salts to warm tap water (around 250ml), and drink in small sips. Hence the name, this creates a bitter tasting water, it isn’t the most palatable drink to say the least but the benefits are plentiful.

If you are taking medication: please wait at least half an hour between drinking bitter water and taking any medications.

Another way to promote detoxification via the liver gallbladder and gut is to start your morning with Bitter Water

As well as stimulating detoxification via the liver and gallbladder, the bitter water has a laxative effect. You should expect three to four, generally liquid bowel movements per day.

First it makes the bile run from the liver into the intestine and second it empties the gut.

Do notify your doctor if the number of bowel movements exceeds four. If you have never used Epsom salts internally before, or feel uneasy about doing so, please wait until you have spoken with your doctor.

Please Note: Epsom salts and bitter water may be taken only for a short period or time and are not suitable for use as ordinary laxatives. 

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park-igls-detox-spring-salad-may method diet rebel wilson detox

Detox Rule #3 Eat slowly & chew thoroughly 

Together with a plentiful supply of fluids and bitter water, the body’s detoxification process is also stimulated by minimising the amount of new toxins being formed and by ‘predigesting’ food while it is still in the mouth.

This makes less work for the gastrointestinal tract and strengthens the body’s long-term ability to digest.

To do this, check that every mouthful of food is chewed to an almost pulp like consistency and is sufficiently displaced with salvia before swallowing.

check that every mouthful of food is chewed to an almost pulp like consistency

As adults, we don’t produce as much saliva as we did when we were younger. To make the process easier, you can sip some milk (preferable sheep’s milk or soya milk), before swallowing.

It’s also important to ensure you are eating highly nutritious food in its natural state, as much as possible. Enjoy the particular taste of the individual foodstuff, without seasoning too strongly.

Mindful eating is also essential when it comes to chewing slowly and thoroughly. Do not allow TV’s, phones, books, newspapers to distract you, or even a friend or family member to speak to you, as it’s impossible to chew properly and speak at the same time.

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mayr method diet woman eating healthy salad slowly rebel wilson detox

Detox Rule #4 Choose the right food combinations

Avoid fatty foods, especially in combination with carbohydrates with high glycaemic content such as, croissants, fries, crisps, biscuits, white bread, jam or popcorn.

Why? Because experimental studies show that rapidly absorbable carbohydrates lead to an elevated blood sugar level. The resulted is an augmented secretion of insulin, which means that the absorption of glucose in muscle and fat cells is increased and fat storage stimulated.

Instead make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. The blood sugar increase occurs slower and less significantly with complex carbohydrates.

Instead your main meals should follow the separation principle:

  • Protein rich foods can be paired with neutral foods such as, red meat and vegetables or cheese and salads
  • Carbohydrates can be paired with neutral foods such as, whole grains and vegetables or cereals and fruit.
  • Avoid combining protein rich foods with dishes high in carbohydrates such as, eggs and rice or poultry and potatoes.

On the Mayr Method Diet, the recommended protein intake is 0.5 to 0.8 grams per KG of body weight.

Examples of low glycaemic/complex carbohydrates includes:

  • buckwheat,
  • millet,
  • couscous,
  • millet noodles,
  • soya noodles,
  • soya beans,
  • milk,
  • boiled vegetables,
  • legumes,
  • fresh fruit.

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Detox Rule #5 Avoid eating meals after 7pm

According to experts, ‘cancelling dinner’ once or twice a week is an advisable principle.

Indigestible food such as fresh fruit and salads in the evenings strain the intestines. Therefore, dinner should consist of light easily digestible dishes, low in carbohydrates and not large in portion size.

An evening ‘digestive stroll’ is highly recommended.

Detox Rule #6 Do a liver compress prior to lunch and/or before bed

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve the liver’s detoxifying function is to try a liver-detox compress. Not only does it help with liver function, but also causes increased blood flow (perfusion), which promotes metabolic and cellular activity as well as strengthening the immune system.

This rise of perfusion can be shown by ultrasound.

Also known as an abdominal wrap, you will need a hot water bottle, a fine cloth, a hand towel and a bath towel.

Here’s how to set up your detox-compress:

1. Pour hot water into your hot water bottle, (remember to squeeze the air put before screwing it closed).

2. Soak the fine cloth in hot tap water and squeeze out the excess water.

3. Place the fine damp cloth on the upper abdominal region below the right ribcage and then position the dry hand towel on top of that.

4. Place the hot water bottle on top, wrap yourself in the bath towel and snuggle up under a blanket to stay warm.

5. Make sure your feet are also warm. Rest and relax for about 30 minutes while the compress/wrap takes effect.

These wraps are best applied just before bedtime or prior to lunch. 

detox compress mayr method diet

Detox Rule #7 Get enough exercise and movement throughout your day

Regular physical exercise not only helps with weight management, it also protects against diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and arthritis.

Exercise also keeps your metabolism going, burns calories and promotes the growth of muscular tissue – remember muscle cells use/burn more calories than fat cells.

the increased exhalation of carbon dioxide via the lungs triggers a deacidification process

Through exercise, the increased exhalation of carbon dioxide via the lungs triggers a deacidification process, which helps to promote long-term elimination of acidic toxins through the kidneys, bowels, skin and lungs.

Each day Park Igls offered extra activities that the guest could participate in from morning and evenings walks, to fitness classes and lectures on gut health.

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451-press-picture-park-igls-Feldenkrais outdoor lession at Park Igls

Detox Rule #8 Improve your ‘sleep hygiene’

So much happens to our mind and body when we sleep.

Our brain processes information to create new memories, our muscles and joints recover from their use during the day and we produce increased amounts of growth hormone which aids the regeneration and rejuvenation of our cells.

As well as affecting our physical and emotional well-being, poor sleep also increases our risk of having an accident (due to excessive tiredness), raises our blood pressure and reduces our immunity so we are less able to fight off infections.

Park Igls encourages visitors to go to bed early and practice a healthy sleep hygiene routine. ‘Sleep hygiene’ refers to actions and behaviours that can promote healthy sleep.

Here are some bedtime tips to help you sleep better and for longer:

  • Ensure your bedroom is dark and quiet.
  • Deal with worries during the day not in bed.
  • Avoid substances known to interfere with sleep such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Bed is for sleeping and for sex. If you’re struggling to get to sleep, get up and leave your bedroom and occupy yourself with something and try again. For example reading a book in the living room.
  • Go to bed when you feel tired – no sooner, no later.
  • Wind down before bed by reading or listening to soothing music.
  • Keep electrical devices them away from where you sleep as they may emit electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with sleep.
  • Don’t stare at screens before bed (30 mins), including phones, computers, tablets or TV. The blue light emitted will switch off the production of melatonin – your natural sleep hormone.
  • Avoid dozing off in front of the TV or on the sofa.
  • Make sure your room is at a temperature between 14 and 18 degrees.

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abdominal massage park igls

Detox Rule #9 Embrace self-care therapies

Saunas, infra red treatment, steam rooms, compresses, cold plunge pools, lymphatic drainage, body exfoliation, massages and more – alternating these facilities increases renal blood flow and causes significant increase in the excretion of metabolic toxins.

In fact, even a one degree rise in body temperature doubles the speed of metabolic processes and activates the immune system. The ‘artificial fever’ that’s created also causes a profuse elimination of toxins through perspiration. So you can bet Healthista made full use of these amazing facilities offered at Park Igls.

Although our main detox organs are the liver and kidneys, the skin also has its own detox pathways. These pathways can be modified by various factors like solar radiation, body lotion and perfume – so try to avoid these when detoxing.

Try Kneipp Therapy – an anti-inflammatory treatment whereby you dip the body from hot to cold environments, improving circulation and strengthening the immune system, stimulating blood flow. Contrasted temperature baths are also used to ease headaches and bladder weakness.

Healthista was a guest of Park Igls Medical Spa Resort for the New Year’s Eve programme: an annual 6-night fun way to detox after Christmas. Price on application for 2023/24. Reservations:  /  +43 (0)512 377305  /

Accommodation is priced separately from the Modern Mayr Medicine Programmes as follows: Double rooms from €186 per person per night based on 2 sharing | Single rooms from €193 per room night (most people opt to visit independently) | Single deluxe from €348 per room per night | Suites from €344 per person per night based on 2 sharing | Prices include breakfast and parking (terms & conditions apply), plus complimentary transfer to/from Innsbruck airport or railway station. Valid to mid December 2023. 

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