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when should you freeze your eggs FEATURED

Ask The Gynaecologist

8 facts about egg-freezing – the gynaecologist’s guide

Gynaecologist Dr Larisa Corda has the honest truth for anyone considering the procedure

Ask The Gynaecologist

Vaginismus is the devastating condition that affects one in five women – this gynaecologist has help

Imagine your vaginal muscles involuntarily contracting anytime you went to use a tampon or have sex? It's more common than you think and gynaecologist Dr. Fevzi Shakir has help


Ask The Gynaecologist

Why does sex hurt? Dyspareunia explained

Why does sex hurt? One question Doctor Larisa Corda gets asked a lot. In fact, up to 30% of women can be affected by pain during sex also known as dyspareunia and it's far more common than you think

Dr Fevzi Video one

Expert Chat

5 endometriosis symptoms and exactly what can be done – the doctor’s guide

Healthista's latest resident expert, NHS gynaecologist Dr Fevzi Shakir explains exactly what helps with this staggeringly common condition affecting 175 million women worldwide

Dr Larisa Corda lower back pain featured

Ask The Gynaecologist

13 causes of lower abdominal pain – the gynaecologist’s guide

Lower abdominal pain in women is common and there could be a number of causes from the serious to the benign. To kick off our new Ask The Gynaecologist weekly video series, consultant gynaecologist Dr Larisa Corda shares 13 possible causes