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How to Cook Healthy

8 healthy foods this nutritionist always keeps in his kitchen

What healthy foods does a nutritionist always keep in their kitchen? Food expert Rob Hobson reveals his eight essentials

We asked nutritionist Rob Hobson to go shopping at the new Healthista Shop (what? you haven’t discovered it yet? It’s all our uber-favourite health brands in food, supplements and organic beauty all delivered to your door) and select his healthy food essentials.



The milk alternative:

Plenish organic cashew milk and almond milk

‘I love this brand and their milks are all dairy-free so  suitable for people that can’t eat dairy or are vegan. These milks have a rich source of minerals such as magnesium and copper and also contain vitamin E to help maintain healthy muscles and bones. I use these as a refreshing drink, in smoothies or to make porridge.’

Plenish organic cashew milk, £2.99, available at Healthista shop

Plenish organic almond milk, £2.99, available at Healthista shop 


The wheat-free noodles:

King soba, organic buckwheat noodlesking-soba-noodles,

‘These are a rich source of high fibre carbohydrates, I’m a bit of a fan of carbs so I’m not one to cut them out so for me this is a great option. They’re tasty served cold, you can mix them with miso and soy and that works well with fish.’

King soba organic buckwheat noodles, £2.29, available at Healthista shop


The protein-booster:

Biofair organic red quinoa grainOrganic-Fair-Trade-Red-Quinoa-Grain,

‘There are many different varieties of quinoa, this one is red quinoa, a brilliant source of protein for vegans because it contains all of the essential amino acids which are lacking in a lot of vegan protein foods. This food is high in fibre and you can eat it hot or cold, I enjoy using this in salads.’

Biofair organic fairtrade quinoa grain, £5.69, available at Healthista shop


The chocolate alternative:

Superfruit raw cacao powder organicsuperfruit-cacao,

‘Next up is raw cacao, not to be confused with hot chocolate. This food is sugar-free and is the rawest form of cocoa. It’s also rich in manesium and iron so  good to use during night time, mixing it with cashew nut milk which is also high in magnesium to create an interesting sleep tonic because magnesium helps to relax muscles and may help to improve sleep.’

Superfruit raw cacao powder organic, £7.99, available at Healthista shop


The more-ish good fat:

Raw Health organic raw whole almond butterraw-health-almond-butter,

‘Another healthy food essential of mine is a nut butter, this one is an almond nut butter. The good thing about nut butters are they’re rich in good fats, monounsaturated fats which are great for heart health and they also contain a good source of viatmin E which is good for your skin and acts as an antioxidant in the body. This almond nut butter is delicious in an Asian dressing and works well in a stir fry, also as an extra nutrient booster you can put it in your smoothies.’

Raw Health organic raw whole almond butter, £5.69, available at Healthista shop 


The oil for cooking:

Coconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil coconut-oil,

‘Coconut oil is currently quite the popular food. This oil has a high smoke point and a great flavour that goes well in a stir fry, curries and baking. Coconut oil contains saturated fat, but these are called medium chain fatty acids (or MCTs) mainly lauric acid which becomes a compound in the body known as monolaurin which can help to prevent illnesses caused from organisms like fungus, bacteria and viruses.’

Coconut Merchant Raw Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml, £8.99, available at Healthista shop


The healthy fast-food:

Merchant Gourmet mixed grainsmerchant-gourmet-mixed-grains,

‘I love these ready made grains, they come in a lot of varieties and this one is with wheatberries and quinoa. What’s great about these are they’re completely hassle free.  When you’re busy or don’t feel like cooking grains in the pan they are just ready to go.  Tear it open, heat it up and mix it with some veggies then serve it warm or in a salad.  Again like the other foods in my healthy essentials, it’s a good source of fibre, healthy carb with some protein, iron and magnesium.’

Merchant Gourment mixed grains, £2.29, available at Healthista shop


Rob Hobson runs consultancies Rob Hobson Nutrition and HOPE (Helping Older People to Eat Well) and has built a reputation as a trustworthy and inspirational source of information working for the NHS, private clients and leading food and nutrition companies including supplements provider Healthspan. An obsessed foodie and skilled cook, Rob regularly cooks for celebrity clients and contributes to national press including Stella, Daily Mail, Grazia, Harpers Bazaar, Runners Fitness, Healthy magazine and Women’s Health


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